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    O.O So....random. I...have...to.....like.......it!!
  2. I have a good one. But first, please, clean jokes only! I read that one in every five people are Chinese. That means it's one of my 5 brothers. Mike, Bob, Chu, Steve and Bill. I think it's Bob!
  3. 10/10 I love the colour Oh. I thought you meant she typed it on tamaCHAT. I have to keep up :}
  4. I learnt that I can actually write guitar music. I learnt that my friend is a much better singer than I thought. (When she sang, I was like O.O) I learnt thatZoe Cola likes gum And I learnt that I'm having chicken and rice for dinner
  5. Other than the weird fact books, I agree with you. But I dont think the fact books are overdone. I think that vampire romance books would be fine if it wsn't for....*coughsTwilightcoughs* Oh how I hate that book series. But back on subject, all the others are over done
  6. 10/10 Did alex really say that? When?
  7. *claps* Well done. Keep writing!
  8. Nah. She's Vivenne. At least I think Er.....Georgia?
  9. My American flag style toe socks I got for christmas But I would love some knee high rainbow socks. I'll beg my mum for some
  10. Of course there's no poopy. You have to make one!
  11. My homework got torn up when I fought a big bully who dared to say that you were a bad teacher!
  12. Do you use it? Yep How long do you usually stay on it? Depends on who's on How would you feel if it went away? I would be sad I like going on to chat to friends I've made. I think it should stay.
  13. Hm..... 75% English 25% Irish, from my Gran
  14. ** No that embarrassing I had white trousers on (well, might have been leggings) and I had a strawberry ice lolly. I saw some people from school, and tryed to act cool. But, I dropped some on the juice from the lolly on my leg. And you can guess what it looked like.....