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  1. Happy birthday! I hope you're having a great one. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Cinderpelt! ^^

  3. Do you like Warrior Cats? Cause I love 'em!

  4. I love your profile picture... You're adorable :)

    Ps: that sounded awkward.. Sorry :P

  5. So... This is awkward... But me and my brother think you're pretty. *makes dramatic escape*

  6. I love your profile pic (:

  7. Thank you for calling attention to this social issue... I'm sure that it's something that not many of us are aware of and I appreciate you bringing this topic to light. However, this topic is a bit inappropriate for TamaTalk, as I see it as a website advertisement (see rules) Your post isn't geared so much as discussing the issue as to donating money, so therefore I'm going to close this topic... I hope you understand! *closed*
  8. My original account was Tama_Lover994 made in early 2006
  9. *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  10. My first class starts at 7:30am, but I'm usually at school by 7am. I have a job coming for me at a local convience store in the spring, and the hours will vary.
  11. I am very pale so I lay out sometimes during the summer either on my back deck or when I go to the beach, though I don't do so excessively. I don't spray tan, but I do have tinted moisturizer I use on my legs upon occasion and it works great. I've never been to a tanning salon and I don't ever plan on it.
  12. I usually am not one to give out second chances, but I think that in this case you should. After all, you and G only broke up because he thought he was moving, not because the relationship itself wasn't working out. If you both still have feelings for each other and you're still good friends, I say go for it, no question about it.
  13. 1. Go to Japan (which will be happening next year!) 2. Visit either South Korea or Italy (or both) 3. Learn how to play the piano 4. Record some of my music 5. Read all of the Harry Potter books 6. Go skinny dipping 7. Doing mission work in a third world country 8. Be part of an anonymous organ donation train (maybe) I know there are more... I've been making a mental bucket list for a while now. I also want to have a successful career where I get to help others (something medical) and also be married and have a family