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    I love Zelda, Sonic, German, Hamtaro, and, of course, tamagotchis!

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  1. Pet: Bunny, quail! Name: Sugar, Phoenix Gender: Boy Personality: Sweet, adorable, infinity cute, curious, naughty! Funniest Moment: Phoenix that couldn't fly at all (he ran around on the ground) and he and Sugar would run around playing tag. When the Phoenix caught up to Sugar, he would jump on top of him! http://www.brown-rabbit.com/DutchRabbitCard.jpg http://www.hlasek.com/foto/coturnix_coturnix_ai0250.jpg
  2. Adorable! I can knit, I could try. Probably not going to happen.
  3. I live in Illinois, and my family is on vacation in Quebec and Montreal right now!!!! How cool is that? Except, notice I said my family, me not included. I went with them up to Pennsylvania and am there now.
  4. I have a Webkinz-- they aren't entirely boring, but I agree with everybody else, they're pretty much only for younger kids, and you can't take it with you. Lots of other stuff too. Tamas are definately much, much better.
  5. Girl: Kei, Lily, Kii, Yumi, Boy: Rux, Lucky, Korro
  6. Fun fact time!! The origin of the word Tamagotchi: In japanese, Tamago means egg, (hence the egg shape, also) They slapped a 'tchi' on the end because they do it to everything (not a bad thing) Also, Ichigo means strawberry, as in Ichigotchi. Just something to think about.
  7. Tamagotchis were popular at school, and so I saw what they were and really really wanted one. I finally got one, around the end of summer. When I went back to school, nobody played with them anymore!!! (lol) I still take care of it, a year or two after that day.
  8. kapooza


    I restarted my tama because I accidentally named it Jan! Do you thinkk this was wrong of me? I do, I voted no
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: Jan Tamagotchi's Age: 0 Date of Birth: December 15, 2007 Date of Passing: December 15, 2007 What Generation? 4 Your Comments: I'm so sorry, but I didn't want a tama named Jan. Please forgive me!
  10. 2 things: number one, that was immature and inappropriate, itchigotchi is my tama 29.11.07. Second, i'll join!
  11. Thank you!! I thought it might, especially because it's an adult and can mostly take care of itself, and my desk is a pretty safe place for my tama to be. the only people that go in are my class, that i've known for 3 years, the janitor, and my teacher. The janitor only picks up stuff from the floor. Thank you for replying, as you have given me hope.
  12. batteries? abot 4 or 5 months. once for me it took 3.
  13. Ok... so I was at shool today and we were late getting out. I almost missed my bus, and then on the bus I realized I left my tama in my desk, unpaused. It is an adult kuchipatchi, third generation, about to get the matchmaker. Do you think it will live? I get to my desk @ around 8:40. That's about 18 hours. CHANCES ARE SLIM, BUT I MIGHT GET LUCKY.