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  1. 1) What’s your favorite tama design ever? Pink Ribbons and this green island-looking one. I can't find the name of it but it was one of the American V3 designs. 2) Which previous design would you like to see done again on a special edition tama? Pink Ribbons!! 3) What’s your favorite tama character? kuchipatchi 4) What themes/hobbies would you like to see in future tamas? (example - Music Star’s theme of music) fashion-themed.
  2. If I remember properly, they go into sleep mode when left alone, and you can send them to bed any time you want. But they will wake by themselves and cry. But I think there's a sound setting...?? The minipet units by themselves are cool because they have a big world to explore and lots of options for an American virtual pet, but taking care of them takes a long time. You need to take care of them a LOT to keep them at peak level, but they don't die, so there's no real risk. Also, caring for them takes a long time because for each action that you perform, there is an animation that lasts a while that you can't exit out of. So, good and bad. But, if you have the explorer plug-in game, the minipets are TOTALLY worth it. The explorer game is lots and lots of fun!
  3. No, you're not the only one at all! I'm a huge Pixel Chix fan! I like them almost as much as I like tamas! I only have two (original pixel chix and a two-story house) but that's just because the newer ones are so expensive...
  4. hehe...the website looks shady, like maybe it's putting out information that no one was supposed to see, or maybe that it's fake (the toy looks pretty real, though) but that is so cool!! I can't wait to see it in stores!!!
  5. It was a while ago that this sort of thing happened to me, but I think it's 2-3 days before you'll get another shot at it.
  6. Well, I don't know for sure but it seems to me that while the tamas are babies and children it takes several times of responding to a call (by either playing with a toy or playing an instrument) for the bond level to go up to even 10%, but after that, at least for me, the bond levels go up another 10% about each time playing with them. I also used the special bonding items, but not as much as they say you're supposed to. I got all of them from binary's code list plus a paint set I bought in the shop and used them all twice each time that I responded after they called. I hope that that helps ^^;
  7. Selena Gomez is an okay singer, but I actually like her as an actress (way more than I like her singing) But, does anyone remember Lalaine who played Miranda on Lizzie Mguire? She did a version of Cruella De Vil just a few years back. I loved her version, and it was definately better than Selena's in my opinion.
  8. I think that they're really fun! It gets boring because you can only really play it once, but I still like it!
  9. There is a version of that song in just about every language! Try searching for the vietnamese version by Vu Ha or for the Chinese version by Guo Mei Mei (I think those are the best!) You should also try searching for the translation and the english version because those are really sweet! This youtube playlist has just about all the versions of 'numa numa' that exist ^.^ http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=E5F0C2D5B492CD29
  10. Does anyone have a neopets portable? They sold from about 2002-04 and I'm not sure If they're still available anywhere but ebay...here are some pics: deluxe version normal tonu version So...does anyone know the point of them? Is there an end to the game or do you just keep taking care of the same neopet forever?
  11. That never happened to me but a similar thing happened to her sister. Apparently, she tried to log in, but it told her that her character had been killed or something...It sounds like a hack to me...
  12. I think that that the best ones are tamas followed by pixel chix (lots of fun even though you can only go up so far) then, giga pets nano pets littlest pet shop blinkies (I don't think you included those) cube world aquapets (I like them ) I'm undecided on things like furbies, webkins and vmigos...
  13. I'm reeeally bad about feeding my virtual pets. My neopets are probably the least hungry, though. I fed them last week (but only from dying to starving) at the skittles tent. My marapets ate I believe sometime in March, my creature world pets ate...uh in April, and my Subetapets haven't eaten anything since October of last year! There's no point in it, though, honestly, since most virtual pets don't die.
  14. It would be great if the industry stopped trying to make virtual pets seem like such a girl thing, but the truth is that most boys aren't interested in that kind of thing. There are a fair amount of boys involved with virtual pets, but most of the customers are young girls, so if it seems like the marketing strategy appeals more to girls, it probably does (deliberately, too) just for maximum profit. When you get right down to it, tamagatchi's are really gender neutral because all you're doing is raising a pet, but maybe there would have to be more than that for boys to be interested. (like blood and guts and fighting XD)
  15. I've been on forever but don't really play avidly, but i've never been hacked...