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  1. your banned because I posted this with my first ever account xD
  2. The Gambler-Fun. (its just such a beautiful song omfg )
  3. ( Only used firefox because I'm using my TicTax account on chrome ._.)
  4. ok I really need to post this since this has been happening to me since I got back from vacation and I just realized this one can view the forums O_O. so anyways on TicTax I always get these Trust me I have tried every browser with TicTax and it still dosn't work. but for some reason I can post just fine on my old account (thats what I'm doing right now while using firefox) can you fix this?
  5. omg idk how BUT I remembered my 1st tt accounts password xD(this is TicTax BTW)

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    2. xxKuchipatchixx
    3. ciara683


      this is my first account. always had acess :P


    4. **Rainbow**


      lolz hey, this accunt is my fifth

  6. hay its my old user lol

  7. EPIC WIN on iCarly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. here are the pets we have. and you can bring your or your siggy pet :sally :straw baby woof woof boy --- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow look at or new babys opps one is still in its egg but you can still have it ( @) this is the egg
  9. We all know its Now 2008!!! Will I was thanking that new things are going to haping So... WhAT DO YOU THANK ? will there be a New pokemon game ? will there be a new tamagotchi? will there be New computuers? will there be A NEW Tv? Will there somthing better then DS? Wii ?PS3 ?Or Xbox 360?
  10. Opps I made A BIG makesating she palys her DS lite More
  11. I now have a DS Lite YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The games I have for it are. Pokemon dash , Pokemon diamond, Bee movie game, M&ms break'em, Alvin and the chipmunks, Nintendogs Dalmatian&Friends and High School Musical Makin the cut!
  12. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found bet on it wth cimpmuck heds.!!
  13. YEA I found two new hannahmontana songs that are lives what you macke it and make some nose. and I found 1 new hsm2 song it is evryday. And I am going to fix the songs site the song was fabulis.
  14. Hey look I found hannannahmontana and hsm2 pepole with ccimpmuck heads. here are the soings hannahmontana sonings hsm2 soings ] [ Hope you think there funny if so plles replay abut how funny they are.