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  1. It's a V4. And nothing is wrong with my tama at all. For the third time, everybody, this trick doesn't work.
  2. Nobody knows, and you should know that.
  3. Actually, just take the best care you can. I never get Universal teens.
  4. This has been happening on Tama-Zone too. It is a glitch that occurs on first-design Connections when they are on an even generation. It hasn't happened to me, even though my tama meets those requirements.
  5. Please look in the forums that you believe contain charts and tips, and all the other things you are looking for.
  6. Three days after Tamagotchi has evolved into the adult stage, a Matchmaker will appear to find Tamagotchi a mate.
  7. Someone I know had a Generation 2 V4, and the baby never got 20,000GP from the King's insurance. This tip doesn't work.
  8. They are all long gone now. V3 - I now have Delta the Pyonkotchi, hopefully going to get the Matchmaker. V4s: On my Sunflowers, I have Luke the Mametchi. He just evolved from a Young Robotchi. I want him to become a Tensaitchi. On my Camo, I have Lucas the Robotchi. He just evolved from a Young Mametchi. I want him the way he is now.
  9. Hmmm...maybe a Chest from your tama's grandfather will do the temporary oldie transform?
  10. I have a theory for the Chest (V4 only, not sure about V3) When you buy, if it is ___, it will: 1st in shop: Transform to temporary baby 2nd in shop: Give gotchi points 3rd in shop: Give present 4th in shop: Transform to temporary oldie This has been tested, and I hope it helps you next time you spot a Chest in your V4's shop.
  11. Wurm is going around the screen, with 6-6-12 and 4 training, as a Young Memetchi with Mr. Canvas. Erika is going around the screen, with 0-1-1 and 1 training, as a Young Mimitchi with Mr. Turtlepedia. Sooz is still asleep, 3 years old, 1 training, as a Patapatatchi.
  12. It's the Easter Animation, seen around Easter with adults or adults with babies. First your tama watches the egg, and then soon the egg hatches. Once you press a button, it's over.
  13. I gathered some into it, and got some myself. Half-and-half.