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  1. hey i haven't been on here 4 a while but i think i have discovered now tamagotchis around the website!! have i just 4gotten or has a new species come up......or.........something!! plz help me i really need to upgrade!! lol
  2. wot do u exactly mean? if u want to no wot it looks like, turn the sound on and a sound will go on like a beeping sound. the egg hatches and a little baby appears on the screen. if thats wot u mean. HoPe I hElPeD!!
  3. soz i 4got to add the special adults if your fav adult that u want to be that you have NOT yet been put it in your comment so i no wot 1 u lyk. FANX
  4. Yea this is mi poll thanks if you voted you can also comment on my stuff. If you would like to be another tamagotchi please state the name (note: this is only done for ADULTS. there are no TEENS or TODDLAS in this poll!)
  5. lol its weird how a tamagotchi can be shy. thats neva happend 2 me b4
  6. eww tht sounds............uhh..........weird.
  7. I dont get it it seems very strange r u explaining it correctly??
  8. Tht neva happens 2 me it neva has neway. R u sure you have explained it correctly? It mite wrk!! Ive neva had it happen 2 me
  9. Well first of all, you only use ur luv potion wen u hv sum1 with the opposite gender to connect with. Ur tama must be an adult to use it. And secondly, Ur tama is only 3 becoz u downloaded it. Im pretty sure dat wen u download it ur tym goes back. Hope i helped sorry to hear the news!!!
  10. U get it in ur shop. It's pretty rare and wen it cums up it costs 50,000gp!!! ive neva got it in my shop so far
  11. hay fanx a heap it also tells me how to get good parents which is wot i need 2
  12. l0l mametchi is kewl as i neva get him lol
  13. Mimitchis and Mametchis are lyk popular as!!! NICE CHOICE!! Hay nice reply about the trading cards w8 till u c my skewl!!! 1 teacha has a trading card shredda and if he sees them around skewl he'll grab them and shred them!!WACKO HUH!!