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  1. Orange You always love food and love to make it! You are wild sometimes and always make everything funner! Guess what? MY RESULT IS EXACTLY LIKE ME!!! I love cooking, I love eating, Im sometimes wild and I make things funner too! SPOT ON!
  2. My sanctuary, my sanctuary now, where fears and lies melt awaaaayyyy.....
  3. 3. I wish I had more clothes 1. I wish pepperoni pizzas ruled the world 2. I wish any cartoon I commanded was real 3. I wish I had a cute boyfriend/girlfriend
  4. 1239: Kick it into a fire and dance around the fire chanting "Happy days are here again!" 1240: Make it sing levan Polkka 1241: Squeeze the liquid out of it and drink it with some toast
  5. 3. I wish homework didn't exist (it bores me!) 1. I wish I had the cutest puppy/kitten in the world 2. I wish that I could get and A+ in every subject in school 3. I wish that I could do whatever I wanted forever
  6. No cuz last time i did, it destroyed the house. Cut your sibling's hair!
  7. Because once people COULD fly but the evil pie master commanded them to not fly and lost their ability. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH EVIL PIE MASTER!!!!!!!! Why did cheese and pepperoni become friends and the next min they are smacking each other in the face?
  8. 1125: Throw it in the ocean 1126: Make it overweight and do absouloutly nothing with it 1127: Make it do the Tarzan yell 1128: Put on boots with sharp blades and step on it 1129: Blend it in a blender (freshly squeezed tama juice with free screws for sale!
  9. 1196: Keep repeating the words "I wish this day never ends" until it dies of a BAD headache you gave it. 1197: Have it arrested 1198: Throw a water balloon at a stranger and blame the tama. 1199: Force it to eat 1000000 ice creams 1120: Show it the list of 1000 things not to do with a tama (or should i say 1120 things)
  10. 1122: Hit it with a bag while yelling "EVOL!!!!" 1123: Use it as a cannonball 1124: Shove a sausage down it's throat 1125: Stick starving dogs in his butt 1126: Get a hunter to shoot it
  11. Yes I am! Are you guilty of eating corn soup with chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? lol
  12. Vampires Twilight Series Music Jackets Chocolate Gum Mashed Potatoes Luke Benward Edward Cullen Myspace Tamatalk My friends Halloween. Mine: Ice Cream Sleeping Internet Naruto Ojamajo Doremi Drawing
  13. 7/10 lol. Lets say I saw a living hammer It piledrived me on the foot I whacked it and the hammer said: Then I threw it in the garbage can and I never saw or heard from it again!
  14. I ban YOU cuz your avitar blinds me! (joking)