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  1. It sometimes happens to your tamagotchi. It's a glitch.
  2. There are two versions (This is what they will use in
  3. V5 is real, because that when they made v4 they made v4.5 after 6 months of the release date of the v4 because every year they make new versions of Tamagotchi.
  4. Its very normal it happens to all characters except babies. Are you talking about V4?
  5. It made my tamagotchi have on scome only.
  6. also anything related to tamagotchi will not work except forums, tamagotchi wikias, and bandai
  7. im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited i think im going to explode booommmm!!!!!!!!!!
  8. in the European site the updates before they let it shut down in the original one are not the same in the European Site there were no updates in european
  9. Theres already a medical bag in the tamagotchi and it dosent have something like medicine in the tamagotchi v4 item list Clickhere to see
  10. I think also you can use the hospital when its done or you might use the matchmaker place