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  1. I believe you and your tamagotchi family are so cute together! =D

  2. I believe you and your tamagotchi family are so cute together! =D

  3. Okay so, I got new batteries for my 3 Tamagotchis and I downloaded them all. When I downloaded my V2 it was an egg I think and then it hatched everything was normal and then I checked the age and it said it was 10 ? My Tamagotchi is now a teenager, it's '12' yrs old and it's that onion kind of character. What's wrong with it? Should I just leave it or wil it affect it's growth? Thanks
  4. Your mom has one too?! That's so cool lol! My parents would never get one! & yeah my Tamagotchis are like friends to me I take them everywhere(:
  5. I needed to let my brother have my V3 because he lost his (stupid right?) and he doesn't even care for it! It's so stupid
  6. If I didn't lose half my Tamagotchis my collection would be quite big but atm I've only got 3.
  7. A few of my friends had that one, theres were real. I live in New Zealand so we could get different Tamagotchi designs to some other countrys. Your Tama looks real, it probably is. Test it out on Tamatown!
  8. Personally I'd say you should get a V6 Music Star. They are really fun, I love the music star online website thing it's really awesome
  9. I can't due this anymore because I'm older and that but 2nd grade to 5th grade was so awesome because everyone at school had Tamagotchis and would bring them to school and the teachers gave up on trying to make us keep them at home. We would connect all break time and in class we would secretly play with them! I miss those times I'm 8th grade now and we can't do this of course but boy those were the tamagotchi days
  10. OH MY GOSSHH! I had a yellow version 3 with pink dots too but I lost it at school along with my purple v3 with shooting stars, my white v3 with pink dots, my yellow one with pink stars, my blue v4 with white clouds and my baby pink v4 :c I heaps of my tamas :'( I can't remember how I lost all of them but I remember how one of my v3s glitched and started going reeeaaalllllyy weird and the it broke