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    i like:<br><br>friends<br>people<br>violents hehe<br>dead unicorns<br>tamagotchis yay!<br>school<br>boys oh la la<br>my grandpas cooking<br>penguins<br>ipods<br><br>i dislike<br><br>liers<br>hail<br>snow<br>neopets<br>cats<br>bad people<br>pie<br>my moms cooking<br>my dads cooking<br><br><br><br>my friends are: Memetchi_lover,Molly112194,Tamatalker101,***UrItChI***, AND MORE PEOPLE!!!!!

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  1. 30. Chitchii (the meme family dog on V5)
  2. here u are
  3. OK FRAKYNESS 101 i will now scream SCREAM!!!!!
  4. CHEESE OMG I WANT IT!!!! *takes cheese and eats real fast and pukes* WHY DID I EAT THAT FAST?
  5. I WILL MAKE TAMA PICS!!!!! HERE IS THE BASE!!!!!!! AND ILL MAKE A SAMPLE!!! SAMPLE^ OK FILL OUT THIS FORM characters(3): color/design: buttons: EDIT: here is a sample
  6. Why is everyone fighting Anyways New tamas are here Toddlers ~~~~~~~~~ Adults ~~~~~~~~~ MYSTERY CHARACTERS ~~~~~~~~~
  7. here \_@_/ \_@_/ \~~/ \__/ \__/ u have 40.00
  8. Here is Robo and Ken And ur eggs! (!) and (^) And ur cash \$$$$$$$$/