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  1. name- Kirsten town- My Town code- 223544099466
  2. our school alows it after people made up lies that the head would steal our tama!!!! LOL!
  3. MAMETCHI!!!!!!!!!!! he is so cute!
  4. I have 17 tamas and only 3 are on at this moment!
  5. I use a makeup set. It comes with a tiny brush for lipgloss, a foam pad sort of thing for eye shadow and a huge brush for powder. All I do is dip them in water and wipe it clean then dry it with kitchen towel.
  6. I got an American V3 (im british) in a charity shop for 50p!!!!
  7. It's an American one and I am in Britan. I got it for 50p in a charity shop in one of those odds and ends box.
  8. I've got that egg design and the antennae is for decoration its a v3
  9. Is it just me or are Tamagotchis getting too complicated. I still like them but my favorite version is the v3. It's fun, has good games and not too much to worry about. The v4 gets annoying with constant mail and having to earn points all he time. The v5 well, the screen is too dark even when I change the contrast, you can only connect with v5 or music star, you can't give presents and its just not for me. The Music Star is one of the best but I still dont like the points part. What do you think about the newer tamgotchis?
  10. I can't remember where I got it but I know it wasn't from eBay or any other website
  11. I have a yellow Dinkie Dino and I don't know if it's real or not. It is spelt on the top "Dinkie Dinoa" so it makes me unsure why there would be a spelling mistake. In between the words there is a dog and above the SELECT 1 and SELECT 2 buttons there is a lizard-creature and a chicken. Above the ESC, ENTER and MODE buttons its says 100 in 1.
  12. I'm a member My name is kirsty7642 I go on usually every day My favourite item is either the pop star outfit or blue dazzle dress My favourite game is Cart Surfer