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  1. It still doesn't work. the expo works but tamatown doesn't even when i click the link above
  2. [FONT=Optima]Hi, i was wondering if the website for tamatown is down because everytime i type in the address i leads me to google search of it and when i click on it, it says cannot display... [/font]
  3. Does anyone know when you can go on the dating show
  4. mi v4 and v3 had babies rite, so i was wondering when do da adults leave the babies with me?
  5. i have a v4 and a v3 rite, and i dont put them on pause unless i no i wont be able to get to them. So im siting in class and mi tama is about 2 die from starvation and i already filled up the health meter. i thought it was only the boys, but mi v3 is a girl and she attempted it more than once; can ani 1 help me with mi situation before ani 1 of them pass on. AND.... I made a mistake by pushing the "c" button on mi v4 for pickin da jobs and now mi tama cant go to school or work, will the jobs ever come back? Also, is it weird to have da robot as a teen then gettin a mametchi for an adult cuz i thought the young mametchi grew to a mametchi. wolfgal
  6. I have a v4 and a v3 and i am connecting them together. When i look at their friend list the characters look like the mailman, but on mi v4 it's the same characters as mi v3, but on mi v3 it's still da mailman, what is happening? And also can i mate a v4 with a v3?
  7. I am puzzled by my tama; see since mi 1st tama when i got it mi tamas will turn into oldies so i start them over. I had a boy who was part of the kapatchi family and for some reason mi new boy that i have turned out to be the same thing. Is there ani way to get another kind of family; is it because of the food cuz i always feed it bread and oranges.
  8. r u sayin if mi tamagotchi is old like the age 10, the matchmaker will never come cuz i dont no ani 1 that i can connect to; do i have to start it over again.
  9. Is there ani other way to earn kindness points other than playing flag and gaining weight by eating?
  10. I hope they come soon, i am dying to go to Mame town, it looks cool. B-P