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  1. When the original Tamas came out (back in the 90s) I brought them to school but only cared for them at breaks and lunch time. Then when the V1 came out I was in high school and the teachers didn't particularly care as long as you were paying enough attention in class, so they sat on my desk. Now I am out of school and bring them to work with me. Fortunately I work with my parents at our family business so they just roll their eyes and laugh. Sometimes they beep when I am on the phone with an important customer and I pretend I don't hear it.
  2. I just got two V6s yesterday and I have to say I am impressed. I really didnt enjoy anything about the v5s and so I am glad they went back to what worked, and improved on what didn't. I thought the whole music thing would be a little silly, but it is very similar to the jobs from v4s but feels more relevant. When they hatch they get a toy and an instrument and its up to you to cultivate their musical talents but balance practice with play. Too much hard work stressed them out so they need play time! They will both play and practice on their own, but you have to keep an eye on their skill level (it drops if they play too much) and their stress level (it raises if they practice too hard, are woken up when sleeping, or introduce something new). I love this because it is something to watch other than their hunger and happiness. I like the new tamatown (Music City) because again, there is a bit more to do. You have your own apartment which you can furnish and invite friends to, there is a studio where you can make your own music and have them made into cds. Your tracks can challenge others and people actually vote for which they prefer. There are plenty of mini games, all of which make you work a lot harder for your GotchiPoints, which can be frustrating when the price tag on a new instrument is thousands. My Tamas are still infants toddlers and so they are not in a band yet, which is what I understand to be the real meat and potatoes of the V6. That was more long winded than I planned but thats my answer!
  3. It is extremely frustrating, but like all the exciting new Tamas, we have to pay big bucks if we want em. Does anyone know how much they are going for in Japan? I would imagine they are more than a regular Tama, but by how much more?
  4. Absolutely recommend Hand Maid May. Its only 11 episodes long, but my new favourite. It was cute and fun and sad and all those things you want from an anime. Movie wise, I recommend Spriggan, Paprika, and Princess Mononoke (well anything by Miyazaki actually). I tried to mention ones that weren't mega popular that you probably already know.
  5. Trilby


    Really? G rated? I remember I saw it twice in theaters (2 people wanted to see it with me) and the first time I saw it, it was 14A, the second was PG. I guess they changed it all the way down to G. How odd. The second one was comical at times and didnt have the same creepy-ness the first managed. It was predictable, and kinda lame. However, there is one of my favourite gross scenes in it, but I wont spoil that in case you want to see it.
  6. Yea! I had to do this in 4th grade and 8th grade in gym class. It was actually pretty fun. Me and my best guy friend got to be partners in grade 8 because we were evenly matched in height. So it was a blast. Also, we did it to disco music, which added an interesting spin on it. I'd go out square dancing some time.
  7. Teachers aren't permitted to take matters into their own hands like that. There are procedures for dealing with misbehaving students. While I think it's pretty funny it is absolutely wrong and I think she should indeed lose her job. What she got was a slap on the wrist. She crossed the line and I don't think teachers should be allowed to do these things. I had a very unconventional teacher like this and he was a terrible person. Of course, because of their fantastic union, nothing was done.
  8. I did for the first 18 years of my life! His name is Benny and he is a stuffed dog. I love him sooo much. Then I moved in with my boyfriend and I sleep with him and our stuffed animals are together on a rocking chair. (Sometimes Benny still cuddles up with me though ^.^)
  9. I quite like my name. When I was younger it was just ok in my books, but now I feel I have grown into it. I couldn't imagine being anything else. I feel like my name partly describes who I am.
  10. There is always room for more! (I spent so much money.. ") Also, whats with this pinching thing? Never heard it before...
  11. I bought a bunch of booze and friends are coming over. Uh yea... I didn't wear green though because I forgot when I was getting dressed. I might still put some on before they get here though. ^.^
  12. In August I got 2 pet rats and they were the same way. Everyone has had lots of great advice but I wanted to mention one more thing. When I was trying to get them to come play with me I would bring lots of tiny pieces of fruit (the more fragrant the better) to give them as treats. At first I would stick a piece in the cage for them, then SLOWLY after many times I would make them take it from my hand in the cage, then move my hand to the door of the cage and then maybe a little outside the cage. Animals are strongly motivated by food (especially if it smells yummy) so use that to your advantage.
  13. Hero Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Spirited Away Lord of the Rings Trilogy Matrix Trilogy Silent Hill 28 Days Later 28 Weeks Later Sin City The Life Aquatic Heavenly Creatures Donnie Darko Pans Labyrinth Hard Candy Juno Aladdin Pulp Fiction Akira Ghost in the Shell Blood: The Last Vampire I should stop listing them..
  14. New Disney Shows, Reality shows based on exploiting people (Dr phil especially), crime dramas, sitcoms, home decorating shows, shows with a live audience while some annoying VJ talks about and shows music videos, "talent" shows, the list goes on...
  15. I havent heard of this, but if its Pokemon I might like it. I'll keep my eyes open for it.