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  1. It looked like the music effect from Tamatown. It may mean that its a hint of whats coming out. I do hope so lol.
  2. I would definately play R&B I love it. Then again, I might play Jazz because I play the trombone and keyboard irl.
  3. On my v4 that I used to have i got a mametchi. its not hard on v4. it even turned int the scientist thing tensatchi i think
  4. I haven't tried the v5 yet but I want to get one I have 2 music stars
  5. It has happened to me when I connect in a bright area. When Im at the playground with my friends in school it happens its not a glich just too much light.
  6. If you picked other post what is your favote in reply
  7. Lets see would will be the big winner!!!
  8. Name-Ryan and Reyes Age-4 and 2 Weight-46 for Ryan and 60 for Reyes Character-Tosakatachi(Ryan) and Togetchi (Reyes) Points-3100(Ryan) and 2700 (Reyes) I dontated + spent a lot! Kindness-62 (Ryan) and 65 (Reyes) Fashion-129 (Reyes) and 95 (Ryan) Intellect-65 (Reyes) and 106 (Ryan)
  9. When I first got my tamagotchi I was sooo happy! I set it and it was a boy. I named him Ray. I fed him and then exercised him to get him into shape and not dead. So after that I went on TamaTown. Then I got off and her changed! He was a Puchitchi! the next day he changed into young androtchi After a day he chaned into Mametchi! I was so happy! Then I played alot. I put him in my pocket for a moment and looked at him and....... HE CHANGED! He was a Tensaitchi. I thought he was sick or dying but, he changed!! Then I missed the match maker though I got it again that same day. He had a baby girl!! I named her Lilly!! More about Lilly Life Story will be told soon! Oh and she had a baby too! just to let everyone know!!
  10. Character-Mametchi Likes-Steak Dislikes-Bananas and soda
  11. Version-v.4 Generation-2nd and on my other 2nd Gender-Girl,Girl,and a baby boy! Character- Memetchi, Ponytchi and a baby boy! Stage- Adult,Adult,baby. Goal-To wear Royal Costume! Name-Lilly(Ponytchi)Rayna( Memetchi) and the baby Reyes! Extra-I had a Tensaitchi before.453 pencils,207 artistic, 272 social! Also, I donated over 120,000 gotchi points! (So close!)
  12. Ok if I cant we will do it together.
  13. Where do i paste it after copying?