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  1. I love seeing Emma sleep with her lion doll,i think it makes her feel safe. Jack and his baby...hmm i should name his baby...how about i call him Dom! yeah,that sounds cool. The triplets called for training just minutes ago,but i refues to give it to them,because i am aiming for Watatchi and Uhyotchi.Jack and Dom are 33 Lb.I should play a game with them,i might play jump rope!
  2. Tuesday,June 24th. Two exciting things have happened! Jack got married to a Yattatchi and had another baby boy .The other thing is,the Sonic's are teens! Ice is an Itchigotchi,Rubeus a Bakutchi and May a Chamametchi,suprise,there . I can't wait too see who Emma morphs into tomorrow!
  3. I just realised I almost have all the characters in the V5 .I just need Uhyotchi,Watatchi and Makiko,and thats not including special characters or parents=P. I realy can't wait for the V5.5 to be released in Australia.I can't wait to get it! it looks realy fun! A thing about stats,i might try to do stat checks every week because i find them very boring... Thats all for now,goodnight!
  4. I love listening ti ghost stories but haven't got any good ones...
  5. Sup! sorry i made a mistake with the date,it is actualy the 23rd=P.Everyone is doing great and Emma had a good nap with her lion doll.Stat time! V5 Family name:Sonic Bonding percentage:30% Generation:12 Family type:Blended GP:99999 Family members Mamametchi=Lily Papakurotchi=Striker Sakuramotchi=Ice Mousetchi=Rubeus Tororotchi=May V4 Name:Jack Age:5 Weight:30 LB Gender:Boy Generation:6 GP:99999 Skill points 75/52/111 V3 Name:Emma Age:0 Weight:10 LB Gender:Female Generation:3rd GP:9999 Yay! stats are done with! man they can realy get annoying.I can't wait to see what Emma will become,hopefully a Chomametchi.they are realy cool.
  6. I almost forgot...Happy Birthday Tamatalk!!! rock on!!!
  7. 23/6/08 Hey guys!! i have missed this site! i decided to have a break for a while and it was great...but i missed my Tams so much!! i bet you all thought this log was long gone .Anyway,this morning Emma evolved into a Mohitamatchi! haven't had them in the V3,i wonder who my adult will be=). Jack the Zukyutchi is 5.The triplets(Ice,Rubius and May) are still toddlers,i got Rubeus from Harry Potter . C'ya! stats will be posted after school!
  8. 7/10 When life gives you lemons,obey Heart of stone87 and give him you're chocolate bars!
  9. 11/6/08 Hi! sorry i didn't reply for a while,i just wanted to take a break from Tama's.....but i'm back! as you all know,Jack the Zukyutchi is five Coco's baby in on pause and the Sonic's are still kids.Tomorrow i will post stat's.This was just a quick update!
  10. ^ is an ice-cream. > Is the best! v just ate a cat:P
  11. 8/6/08 Good morning,little Emma woke up and is begging to be named.How cute,Ice is raiding the fridge with Lily.Looks like Jack didn't have a very good night,he has 2 happy hearts down. Just a message,when we get our JRT pup back from our neighbours house,i might not reply as much because pups can be very needy,bye!
  12. 7/6/08 I'm back! this morning Striker married a beautiful Violetchi.They had 3 eggs and they are now kids with 30% bonding.I will call Striker's wife Lily.Here are the kids names. Violetchi*Lily* Papakurotchi*Striker Sakuramotchi*Ice* Mousetchi*Rubeus* Tororotchi*May* Yay! i have two girls now.Jack turned five and Emme will be born tomorrow.Choi! [/color]
  13. That's horrible.Child abuse should end! i hate it.