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    Well, my point in being here is helping. You may think I wanna be a guide. Think again. Keep reading. Yes, I know. I'm only turning ten. But if you think I wanna be a guide, yes guides, you can hire me, but, even if I do, I'll ignore it. I know, being highlighted and bolded in red on the member list may be cool and all, but I don't care. Helping is more important than anything in the world - even having a red name. So go on ahead, ask away by PM. I've been raising tamagotchi's since 2005 in August. Almost 2 years. I know, I only have a couple of posts. And I may have a good pixel art talent. But that doesn't mean I can't help at all. I know, I've been around for a couple of days. But that doesn't change my brain. I'll help everyday, I don't care at all. I'll make sure my PM box is always open for new PMs. Don't worry, I'll get to you. Yes, I'll join SOME forums. And that's all.

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  1. How do you how do you get in to the parents house do you know. do you know how to connect me when you find out.
  2. This isn't spam - I wanted to make sure that no one will do this. I don't know why you reported this, thus you are reported.
  3. Please don't ask for homework help. It might be hard, but ask your teacher/parent to help you. TamaTalk's What's On Your Mind? forum is for stuff non-tamagotchi and not a homework help section. I'm not saying this is bad but you should learn from an adult rather than us from here because we're mostly teens and kids here and we don't know everything in the world and we may get it wrong. It's like copying off someone on a quiz and it will just make you feel bad, so please don't ask for homework help. I hope no one does this.
  4. Welcome. I've restarted my V4 and it's a boy. I'll name him PUMVA. 1...2...3.... Go! Here he is! NAME: PUMVA WEIGHT: 14lb INTELLIGENCE: 7 STYLE: 0 SOCIAL: 0 TRAINING: [XXXXXXXX] AGE: 0 BOY GEN. 1 HAPPY: @@@@ HUNGRY: @@@@ X= NOT FILLED UP @ = FULL O=EMPTY NOTE: The info will be changed.
  5. Nobody's forcing you to do so. But, you could start. Try starting a new generation and discover new things. Maybe, you could try for your favorite character. Play lots of games, visit TamaTown, and try for all the characters. You never know. So, I'm not forcing you to, though, why not try?
  6. A @TENSAITCHI@ PRODUCTION TamaTown V4: An Explanation What's so different about TamaTown V4? TamaTown V4 allows you to go to the office when your tamagotchi has a job, go to school and go to pre-school! And more! SCHOOL When going to pre-school, you play Tama Dance. In this game, you must remember the steps Ms. Frill tells you. When going to regular school, there is a tip board. Tip boards will be mentioned later on. You play Tama Word-Search, Clean-Up and Tama Typing. TIP BOARDS Tip boards are little tips on how to raise a good tamagotchi. These are found throughout TamaTown. ARCADE In the Arcade, you play Tama Soccer, Claw Game, Grand Prix and Ring Toss. GOTCHI STATION NOT YET AVAILABLE KING After donation 20,000, 70,000 or 200,000, go to the king to receive your prize. TAMATOWER LOVE is the only movie available. After watching, you get POSTER2. TOWNHALL Play Meet Tamagotchi Town. View profiles of some teens on the V4, and get the souvenier BROCHURE. TRAVEL After buying a ticket and using it, get your souvenier here. Only use 1 ticket at a time for all the souveniers. MALL Go to Forever Tamagotchi, Lucky Tama Toys or The Tamabeat. In Forever Tamagotchi play Pack Up or Tama Says. In Lucky Tama Toys play Racing Game. In The Tamabeat play Create a Gotchi-Song. OFFICE NOTHING AVAILABLE PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS View your past generations. FOOD COURT Buy food for your tamagotchi.
  7. W00T! A 2 year old Young Mimitchi. I'm expecting Mimitchi soon. Here are the skill points..... 108 intellectual points 47 style/fashion 50 social/kindness I had a half day cause of parent/teacher conferences. I bought little LILA a stereo.
  8. If it looked like a Christmas tree, your date is set to near Christmas. It's a Christmas animation.
  9. OK, YAY! I got Young Mimitchi. Skill points spiked up... Here they are..... 58 intelligence (here I come, Mimitchi!) 34 fashion 27 social I got Mr. Turtlepedia to boost LILA's intelligence. She's one now. I hope I get Mimitchi! Actually, I have to, because I have more intelligence than anything. Go !!!!! E=MC2 @Tensaitchi@
  10. That's the KeiTama - no online capability. Sorry. But have fun with it! E=MC2 @Tensaitchi@
  11. I wanted to know, how do I get the bouqet item, and where? And what does it do? Thanks in advance! E=MC2 @Tensaitchi@
  12. Hmmmmm........ That is strange. This is normally because of pausing a lot. Have fun with your tamagotchi! Hope it evolves soon! E=MC2 @Tensaitchi@
  13. You need to donate 20,000 points to get a sceptre. E-MC2 @Tensaitchi@
  14. Well, Puchitchi is proven by me HUNDREDS of times to be in the MEME family. Why? It always, if a boy, is a Gourmetchi. Some toddlers are in a certain group.