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  1. I'm... stuck in this game. I'm on Bryyo, looking for the Leviathan Seed, and I can't seem to get anywhere without a grapple hook. I have a grapple lasso, but I'm guessing I need an upgrade. I've spent at least an hour searching around the planet, but can't seem to find the upgrade. Does anyone who has this game know where to find it? Help would be much appreciated.
  2. Yeah, I was really worried when I tried to get to Tama-Zone earlier (I'm the same DDDTrooper there). I'm glad I found this thread; I thought Tama-Zone was permanently gone. I hope InvisionBoards sorts it out soon.
  3. Umm... okay? If you hate it so much, just tab it or take the batteries out... I don't think Tamagotchi has lost its meaning. I do agree that V3-V4/V4.5 focuses more on shopping and school, but with the new FamiTama/V5, it appears that it focuses more on raising a pet again (only this time, a whole family of them!). -DDDTrooper
  4. I know just what you mean. And yes, I take care of my Tamas. I've got an Angelgotchi and a TamaPlus active right now, and I think I'm taking pretty good care of them. -DDDTrooper
  5. Hee hee, you're right. I need to proof-read my posts... -DDDTrooper
  6. That's not what I meant. I do love how Japanese Tamas are different. I just meant that I wish American Tamas were like that too. -DDDTrooper
  7. I have a feeling that Tamagotchis will get popular again here in America soon. The Japanese FamiTama has been released, and seems like a boat-load of fun! And, for once, the V5 is going to be exactly like the FamiTama! No more annoying differences between American and Japanese Tamas. -DDDTrooper
  8. I do admit that V4 and V4.5 wasn't BanDai's best idea. You get messages like every half hour, and most of them are poops or snakes that empty your Tama's happy hearts. BanDai of Japan makes very interesting, fun Tamagotchis. BanDai of America tries to copy those ideas, and markets them towards little kids... I've stayed interested in Tamagotchis because I bought some Japanese ones. EnTama is alot like V4, but much better. You don't get annoying messages every half hour, only twice a day. The messages rarely empty all happy hearts as well. There's no "universal" characters, so you don't feel bad if you accidently neglected your Tama. V4/V4.5 are still fun (kinda), but Japanese Tamas are much better. -DDDTrooper
  9. Yeah, good grief, it's just a show people. Some like it, some hate it, but this is getting kind of flame-ish... -DDDTrooper
  10. Are you kidding me? I'm a huge Tamagotchi fan. I have 19 or 20 Tamas. I'm actually disappointed at how TT is now. There's not quite as many Tama-fans on here as there used to be, and like you said, most people just chat in (Non)TamaTalk now. It's not much different from MySpace or any other general message board site... I mean, there still are Tama-fans on here, and still plenty of Tamagotchi disscussion, I'm just saying it's not what it used to be. -DDDTrooper
  11. I have seventeen Tamas, but I only care for a few at a time (the others have their batteries out or they're tabbed). Right now, I've got two running. I put them on the couch and just check them every so often. -DDDTrooper
  12. If you want to play with Tamas, and it's not interferring with your priorities, do what makes you happy! If you have time and want to start being a caretaker again, go for it. -DDDTrooper