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  1. I've never had a problem with Furby. And even though in my opinion they're a bit underwhelming compared to something like Tamagotchi, I still have a soft spot for them... Call me crazy if you want, but I even have a couple of them sitting next to my bed. Also once I purchased a lot of broken Furbys off of eBay to fix them up; of course I had to yank their skin off to fix them, and to be honest I don't think the Furbys were too happy about being bald. They were pretty happy about being fixed (Even though they went to sleep right after. "Me sleep again")! @CTF@
  2. You may also want to clean the battery prongs with a little rubbing alcohol on a q-tip. @CTF@
  3. And it's too bad, too, that the ones that are flooding the market at the moment are so awful. It's so tedious to buy the real deal and makes it hard for anyone who wants to seriously get back into the hobby. It would have been so much nicer if they were at least as good as Gyaoppi, Tamagezi, or M&D pets! @CTF@
  4. At this point I have so many Tamagotchi that it'd be silly for me to carry them all around at once. I don't think anyone makes lanyards meant to carry over fifty virtual pets... I like to keep my Tamagotchi in a couple of boxes (one for older ones, one for newer ones). The ones I do run stay in my pocket! Yes, I do, even with ones where you can't put a name into the device. I did experiment with just calling them by their species name for a while, but it got so boring and monotonous to take care of them since I didn't feel any connection to them. It was very surprising to me when I realized that something as simple as giving it a name makes it a lot more fun and charming! Yes, and lots of them! My Tamagotchi are very photogenic! Goodness, no! I'd be too worried about them falling off or getting damaged! When no one else is around... And we cuddle close together... And we're sharing a gallon tub of my favorite ice cream... ...No, just kidding. My Tamagotchi might be photogenic, but they're not too crazy about movies! I might check on them and feed them, but I do make an effort not to spend too much time with them during things like lectures. Unfortunately I don't... at least not offline! @CTF@
  5. I got the pink one with blue numbers/trim/buttons as well! If I ever did get another one, it'd definitely be the transparent blue one! The blue clock face design is pretty much identical to the pink clock design we have. But, instead of having a pink shell with blue numbers, trim, and buttons, it has a blue shell with yellow numbers, trim, and buttons. The orange design has a sort of a light sherbet orange color to it. It features a square Mametchi and a square Kuchipatchi (who more closely resembles Hashizoutchi) standing on both sides of a banner that says "TAMAGOTCH". The banner design, trim, and buttons are yellow. @CTF@
  6. I'd strive for simplicity. Go back to basic, gender neutral shell designs. I'm tired of the exclusively frilly-girly-pinky-doily thing they've been doing lately. Return to pocket-sized devices. "But I want my Tamagotchi to be as big and round as a softball," said no one. More classic styled characters, or at least some new characters that aren't just variations of Mametchi with clothes and a hairdo. The option to choose a difficulty, like picking an egg on the Tamagotchi Garden/Morino. Keep NFC, because that's still pretty cool! Avoid physical add-ons like the Tama-Go figures and the P's pierces. It's a lot more fun to earn bonus stuff on the device itself. Avoid phone app connectivity features. Why make Tamagotchis rely on phones, when you could just install Tamagotchi LIFE/Classic which is simply a Tamagotchi on a phone? Re-introduce regional variants in shell designs, functions, and/or available characters, since they're fun to discuss and collect! Those are just a couple things that I could think of off the top of my head. @CTF@
  7. No, it isn't normal, but it looks cool! How long did Vince stay like that, or does he still look like that? What were you doing with him before/when he changed into it? @CTF@
  8. It could very well be something wrong within the Tamagotchi, but I'm not certain what it could be specifically. Considering that there's something wrong with the screen, it could be something as simple as a bad connection to the screen to something as catastrophic as a capacitor bursting and leaking. Your Tamagotchi still seems to work fine (beside the screen) though, so that's a good sign. Try contacting Bandai's official repair department and see what mileage you get; considering that it's one of their most recent models, they may be able to help you with it. I can't guarantee that it'll work though, since I've never had to use it before, and they haven't produced that model for a few years. Please keep us posted! @CTF@
  9. That's too bad. I hope that you're able to find it, if you haven't already. @CTF@
  10. We're ready to believe you! For those of you who heard the tune before, could you please try to describe it? In example: Was it fast or slow? Was it high-pitched, low-pitched, or average-pitched? Did it sound similar to another song that you've heard? Could you fit it into a certain genre of music? Etc. etc. etc. @CTF@
  11. Agh, so many newbies in this thread! (JK ) Back in my day Tamatalk was two (almost three) years old! You could also buy a new V4 hot off the shelf, and for $15, no less! Wow, 13 years! I feel so old... Here's to another 13+ years! @CTF@
  12. I had purchased a V4 off of eBay, and unsurprisingly it had a dead Tamagotchi when I selected "Download" instead of "Reset". I figured that since either the previous owner probably didn't care enough to memorialize it, or they just didn't consider it, I'd do it myself. Soxie was two years old. She weighed 72 pounds. She was of the second generation, meaning she had a father and mother but no grandparents. Her owner's username was "SOCK". The V4 was sent to me from Hawaii, so I assume that Soxie and SOCK were Hawaiian in one way or another. Rest in peace, Soxie. May flights of Kuriten sing thee to thy rest. @CTF@
  13. The V3 (and V2) base a lot of their evolution on randomness. You can click here to see a very nice growth chart by Osumesu21 from Tama-Zone. As you can see, you're probably just as likely to get Mizutamatchi as you are to get Tamatchi; the same goes for Kuchitamatchi and Mohitamatchi with healthy parents. I don't blame you for your outcome though, I can't even begin to remember how many times I've gotten Gozarutchi and Kurokotchi. Sometimes the V2 and V3 always seems to come up with the same species over and over and over, regardless of how random it's supposed to be. Joking aside, it's more than likely just a case of bad luck. Good luck on getting different characters in future runs! May Decotchis, Dorotchis, and Bunbuntchis be ever in your favor! @CTF@
  14. Well, I'll be darned. I've officially been on this forum for 10 years.