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    I love the outdoors (but hate Bugs). Tamagotchis are pretty fun, although I'm not a freak with like 400 of them or anything. I just have one V4 that broke, a V4.5, and a V5.

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  1. I would personally describe it as being like an advance version of the the 98 version. I don't know why. I do like it better than the V4 though. More simple.
  2. I wasn't talking about the percentage. The points, 0-999? But I found out. Topic closed.
  3. This is the best answer I would say. Despite the hideously low karma of this user (no offense)
  4. Is there a way to check them? Please reply
  5. It says on that it isn't sold in stores and I'm not going to Toys R Us.
  6. Should I let it use the matchmaker everytime, or let it get old and Die, or try to mate 2? Well, what do you do?
  7. It's amazing. The real question is What is the point of the V5???
  8. When my Tama died, (Only happened once) I just sighed and moved on. You have to feel a bit sad when a MIMITCHI, my favorite tama by the way, dies.
  9. I wish they could hand them down to each generation No point in collecting it over and over. But I'll get the movie posters.
  10. Because I'm pretty sure they do. I think they do. There's no point in collecting them if they dissapear.
  11. Oh. I feel like a retard now. But it doesn't show a black one on this site.
  12. Well how hard would it be for them to make a black one?
  13. I thought Tama's were UNISEXUAL. Or whatever if it is a boy/girl thing. But the company has gone too far. Look at those stupid V5 things. They are probably cool but the designs? OMG I can't buy one. People will think I' know... ...anyway If they make a new version make black, grey, navy blue, etc. type patterns so you don't look like such a loser if you are a 13 year old boy who likes Tamagotchis kind of like me.