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  1. Hi, Icetama4525; Like pretty much everyone else has said before, generally "bad characters" are caused by a lack of proper care and whatnot. It would indeed help to have a version number, but I have a few general tips that you could try to get that good character you're after: -How often do you feed you Tamagotchi? Having dealt with pretty much every version except V2 and V5.5, I can safely say that feeding is a huge factor in your Tamagotchi's adult outcome. If you don't feed it much or in a timely manner, chances are it'll go "bad." Likewise, don't feed it too much. (I've gotten many a Kuchipatchi doing this, but I suppose it's kinda debatable if he's really a "bad character," since he's a pretty popular Tamagotchi.) -Play with your Tamagotchi a good amount. Don't ignore its happiness meter, and try not to use snacks whenever possible. (Again, this can cause a Tamagotchi character to go bad. In some versions- the Gameboy Tamagotchi and older toy Tamagotchi versions are especially prone, I tend to find- snacks can sicken and even directly kill your Tamagotchi! I'll admit that I've done this, and chances are you've possibly done it too at one point to save time.) It's not that hard to play with your Tamagotchi to raise its happiness. After all, you bought it to play with it, right? Also, notably, on most versions, playing tends to reduce weight, which can, again, influence your Tamagotchi. The optimal weight range your Tamagotchi should fall in tends to be generic, as weight usually shifts with Tamagotchi evolution, but can matter especially on newer Tama models. -Check on your Tamagotchi often. It's crazy, but it really doesn't take long for your Tamagotchi to randomly get sick, get depleted stats or whatnot, and the longer it's sick, the worse off it'll be. I've done this several times, and it's surprisingly easy to do. These are usually the general steps I follow when raising a Tamagotchi, or even any virtual pet for that matter. So yes, Tamagotchi are relatively easy to care for, but to master a good character requires just a bit more effort. Chances are, you've either neglected or taken too much care to follow one or more of these steps. And don't worry- you're not a bad owner just because of this. It's very common. Tamagotchis are about balance, just like pets in real life. Also, don't forget, every stage in a Tamagotchi's development is important. Don't care for your Babytchi around the clock and simply leave it for too long the minute it turns into a Tamatchi or whatnot. How you treat it, stage by stage, directly influences the outcome. Also, be sure to check out the version number on your Tamagotchi, especially things related to care and character charts. You might get a bit more specific information. ~nicki9
  2. Just an old forum member here stopping by to say hello! Wow, I've been gone a while... how awfully convenient that I just picked up the Tamagotchi Life app. XD

    1. Stefan Bauwens

      Stefan Bauwens

      Isn't Tamagotchi Life a fashion line or something?

    2. ichiro.malfoy


      They have released an app version of the P1 already.

    3. SailorRosette


      We have Kirby fan here...*loves original N.I.Dreamland GB game*

  3. Happy Birthday (:

  4. Been gone for nearly a year. Stopping by to say hello to this lovely community! On a different note, why in the world am I locked out of TamaChat? Ah, well.

    1. PixieTama123


      You have to make a topic in the TamaChat Requests for Access to be able to get into chat. ;)

  5. It was my birthday Friday, so I thought I'd check in with everyone!

  6. Oyajitchi's not on the Music Star. But something interesting still happened. Okay, so the babies grew the other day. Petitchi (MS) became Kuchitamatchi, but Nokotchi (T-Go) became Grippatchi, of all things. She's not supposed to appear unless you mate Otokitchi and Ojitchi. So, another stem of research: they just have to be oldies. Thanks for the help anyway, though. ~nicki9
  7. Okay, so yesterday, I mated my Rexitchi on my Music Star with my Otokitchi on my Tama-Go. Rexitchi went to the Tama-Go, and they got married. They had two girls. So Rexitchi goes back to the Music Star... and the baby's a boy! What happened?! ~nicki9
  8. Friday I bought the Red Wii Bundle Pack! Pretty... and it was just $149.99!

    1. TamaLove754


      New Super Mario Bros. Wii is one of the best games ever! So fun!


  9. Okay, so my Kuromametchi on my Music Star is 7 years old and was still waiting to pass the pro debut. So, at 4:15, it shows up. Right before the audition, it was 999 in all stats and 00 Stress. Well, they play a Pop Genre song, and after it's done, they fail the audition. Fail! 999 in all stats, no stress, fail. Is this a glitch in the Music Star, or a very epic fail? ~nicki9
  10. Ace of Cakes is getting cancelled. Awww. :(

  11. I think the pieces appear at different times or something. I don't see the piece in the apple. I have 8/11. And hooray for turtles! EDIT: They do appear at different times. The piece in the foyer didn't appear until just now. It wasn't there before.
  12. On Music City, the hunt is on for treasure! Go nuts. XD

  13. Lol, it says "Remove me as friend" when I see your profile, but you're not on my friends list, and I'm not on yours. Weird. XD

  14. Hiya! How's it going?

  15. Thanks to a friend, I finally got all the Tama-Go codes yesterday! Yay! :D