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  1. preordered my tamameets!

    1. buttercupxo


      Cool! Which one/s did you get? (:

    2. rjalda100


      Same! I ordered the yellow.

  2. Currently power reading through The Selection series. I'm on the third book right now and so far so good!
  3. So tempted to get a new phone just to use the 4u app.......

  4. Waiting on my 4u, Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, and the circus and coffret pierces. Hopefully the Friends will be here in the next couple days!
  5. Just ordered my 4U!

  6. i'm so behind on su but after the hype from this new ep i feel more motivated to watch it omg
  7. Happy Birthday !!

  8. Check Toys R Us. Since people say they have them. I wouldn't know since I just moved and the nearest one in three hours away. But Wal-Mart, Zellers, London Drugs all sell Tamagotchis. But they're are sometimes slow at getting new ones. So check back around the end of the month. Or be brave and phone them to ask.
  9. Alright, Kodou here~ So I had an original idea, but I read on pages before mine and people had the same ideas. So I changed my idea. Keychain contest~! The Keychain on a normal(North American) Tamagotchi bugs me, it's so ugly and heavy. So why don't we have a contest where the person who can make the cutest, or coolest keychian for their Tama would win. It could make your Tama more you. There could be even a theme for the keychain. Say if it's around the winter time you could have a winter/holidays themed keychain. So there's my idea... kinda lame. Edit: Somebody posted the same idea before me, so I changed my contest idea.
  10. Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. If not I'm sorry. So here's the question. Do you want the Tamagotchi Plus Color or iD to translated? Personally I don't want it too. First off I know(or used too know) tons of kids who can't even get a Tamagotchi because it costs so much (15-20 Canadian) and the price of the iD/Color is about 50-60. I'm not even sure of any kids who play with Tamagotchi's anymore. But I am in high school so that might be why, but I'm friends with tons of nine year-olds. And only one actually has a Tamagotchi. And my last point is; wasn't the Tamagotchi+Color a Japan exclusive. Just like Music Star is here? So I want to here what you guys want to say. Do you want the iD or Color in English?