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  1. preordered my tamameets!

    1. buttercupxo


      Cool! Which one/s did you get? (:

    2. rjalda100


      Same! I ordered the yellow.

  2. Currently power reading through The Selection series. I'm on the third book right now and so far so good!
  3. So tempted to get a new phone just to use the 4u app.......

  4. Waiting on my 4u, Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, and the circus and coffret pierces. Hopefully the Friends will be here in the next couple days!
  5. Just ordered my 4U!

  6. i'm so behind on su but after the hype from this new ep i feel more motivated to watch it omg
  7. Check Toys R Us. Since people say they have them. I wouldn't know since I just moved and the nearest one in three hours away. But Wal-Mart, Zellers, London Drugs all sell Tamagotchis. But they're are sometimes slow at getting new ones. So check back around the end of the month. Or be brave and phone them to ask.
  8. Alright, Kodou here~ So I had an original idea, but I read on pages before mine and people had the same ideas. So I changed my idea. Keychain contest~! The Keychain on a normal(North American) Tamagotchi bugs me, it's so ugly and heavy. So why don't we have a contest where the person who can make the cutest, or coolest keychian for their Tama would win. It could make your Tama more you. There could be even a theme for the keychain. Say if it's around the winter time you could have a winter/holidays themed keychain. So there's my idea... kinda lame. Edit: Somebody posted the same idea before me, so I changed my contest idea.
  9. Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. If not I'm sorry. So here's the question. Do you want the Tamagotchi Plus Color or iD to translated? Personally I don't want it too. First off I know(or used too know) tons of kids who can't even get a Tamagotchi because it costs so much (15-20 Canadian) and the price of the iD/Color is about 50-60. I'm not even sure of any kids who play with Tamagotchi's anymore. But I am in high school so that might be why, but I'm friends with tons of nine year-olds. And only one actually has a Tamagotchi. And my last point is; wasn't the Tamagotchi+Color a Japan exclusive. Just like Music Star is here? So I want to here what you guys want to say. Do you want the iD or Color in English?
  10. I'm proud to be a drama nird. "Nerd" isn't n-e-r-d. It's "Nird."
  11. Well I never noticed this until my Music Star changed into an adult today... So I hear the evolution sound and grab my tama to see what my lovely teen will turn into. My lovely Derek turned into a Memetchi... I was shocked, I mean my Derek is a boy and not a girl. Then I thought back to what he was as a teen and she was a Ringotchi which is also a female character. I pulled out my cell phone to check what he was as a toddler and baby(I took photos.) Once I saw the photo he was a Kuribotchi as a toddler... This isn't right. And then the next thing the batteries die. Do you think it's a glitch because of my failing batteries. I mean I had him on pause for about three months and just started him up yesterday. (Just something random; I'm buying my Tamagotchi iD on Sunday~!!)
  12. Sorry for no updates lately, so any new tama news with Kodou or Aaron? Yes. Any photos? No. Well I started up my music star on the weekend. His name is Aaron and he is on Gen.2 Okay so I've had Kodou on that sleep trick thing during school, and after school so I haven't done much with her. I'll bring her to school because I'm pretty sure the matchmarker comes as soon as I get out of school. Well you see, I wake up this morning to find Aaron awake and Kodou not. I look over at Aaron an he is an adult! He's one of my favorite tamas; Kuromametchi! Aaron's band is called, "An Cafe" (ahaha, I'm such a fannnnnn, Yuuki<3) It's classical music, and Aaron plays the saxophone.
  13. Around the Christmas time on all versions(or most) the stereo(and instruments?) will play holiday music.
  14. Kodou does not mean bonds. My mistake, I'm very sorry. Kodou: Happy: **** Hungry:**** Training: llllll Weight: 34lbs
  15. Hey Kodou, tell 'em about today! "You guys! A lot of things happened today! I'm an adult! Guess what Tama I am... Yeah, I'm a Furawatchi, which is Violetchi in English. Isn't that cool? I don't think Zoe likes it that much which makes me sad..." Yeah, Kodou is now a Violetchi which bugs me. I'm not a big fan of her... So I'm thinking about using the costume item or whatever it's called. Brushing teeth: http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...o22/Tama-09.jpg Close up of Kodou: http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...o22/Tama-10.jpg And just normal: http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...o22/Tama-07.jpg Hehe, maybe tomorrow something cool will happen?
  16. Hello everybody! Kodou is sleeping right now so shhhh! I'm sorry, I should have updated early but I had report card troubles today at school. So for once my shop actually had an item I wanted my Ufotchi; Kodou to have. So I bought her a ball. http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...o22/Tama-05.jpg and then I took a picture of her playing with it; http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...o22/Tama-05.jpg Kodou: Happy: **** Hungry: **** Training: llllll Age: 3 Weight: 23lbs. I have a question. Should I get a new Tamagotchi Plus Color or a Tamagotchi iD?
  17. Mine was a V2, I got it in grade three. And then it broke a few months later. I still have it, sometime I pull it out and remember how fun a Tamagotchi was. : D
  18. "Today was normal, I got a lot more training today! Zoe wants me to have at least most of the training bar full before I become an adult. And Zoe also says she thinks that I'll become an adult tomorrow! Just the thought of that makes me feel old. It feels like I grew up so fast!" You wanna know what Kodou? You're going too fast! Like everyday in science I look at you and bam. "IS THAT A PHONE~?" I hate the people I sit next to in two of my classes. I didn't take any photos today *cries* Blame musical theater again. I might take some tomorrow if Kodou does change into an adult. Hungry: **** Happy: **** Training: lllll Age: 2 yrs. Weight: 25 lbs "I'm tried of all the Thanksgiving shows. If only Canada and America shared the same Thanksgiving. Anyways might as well say, "Happy Thanksgiving!"
  19. Kodou and I have been watching shows on TLC all day today! TLC is our favorite channel. I hope you Americans watch the Cake Boss(favorite show ever!) Thanksgiving marathon tomorrow! Well I got some photos, and I drew a picture of Kodou's grow chart in my classes today "Slacking off, eh?" Aha... Maybe~ "It's okay, I'd do it all the time too!" : D Yey for slackers! Kodou's grow chart(drawing); http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss_jello22/kodou.jpg Kodou; http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...2/Tama-02-1.jpg Taking a bath; http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...o22/Tama-03.jpg
  20. I'm actually deciding if I should get the new Tamagotchi iD or another Tamagotchi+Color because the price has gone down =.=;;