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  1. "So like Imma update right now, Zoe is in a bad mood. Something about a socials teacher... But I didn't pay attention to her. I have good news! I'm a Ufotchi now! Isn't that cool? Zoe said that's what she wanted me to be." Aha, I`m not in that much of a bad mood. Anyways, I think I might start a Tama log on Tama Zone. But I`m not sure. Current Kodou; Happy; **** Hungry; **** lbs;29lbs(I'm gonna play a game with her after this!!) Training; ll HOW CUTE, it seems like Kodou was trying to jump but couldn't! Are you okay? *sniff* "Yeah, I think so..." Yeah, that`s actually one of the main reasons why I started to play with a Tama again. I think the animations are so cuttteee! I'll update later tonight with photos and stuff. "See yeah!"
  2. Hey everybody, so how are you guys? Kodou and I have been fine. So it was my first time taking a Tama to school... ...Whoa, I thought I was going to get in trouble so many times. Like in two of my four classes it looks like I might be playing with my phone and then the people next to me would yell, "Is that a phone!?" But my partners in French and science seem fine with me playing with a Tamagotchi. I took a picture of Kodou today! Isn't she lovely? http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r6/miss...o22/Tama-01.jpg Hungry; *** Happy; **** Training; ll Weight; 15lbs. "Hey everyone, it's me, Kodou! You know not the person the Tama. Teehee, well I wish Zoe would have taken more pictures of me but she couldn't. *cries*" Yeah about that... Can you say after school musical theater class~? "Aha, no. Well yeah I can, but still...!" What if I said I couldn't find my camera charger? Because you know I REALLY need to find it. "Whatever, well you better find it!" *smiles* I have good news. I'm prolly(probably) going to buy a Tamagotchi iD with my money this weekend. Hopefully I get good marks on Thursday! Wish me luck "Luck." xx Kodou
  3. 8/10 xD;; Whoa, it made me laugh "Pick what you need, discard what you don't. For everbody to think that way is pointless."
  4. God, I hated the New Moon movie. Quil wasn't in it that much! It's not like he is big character, but still... As a fangirl of his I should aleast have more of my favorite character in the movie. New Moon was my favorite book... They killed it! And all I hear at school is Twilight n00bs who haven't read the book talk about how hot Taylor whatever his name is. I don't think he is cute. I rather Robert any day... Twilight n00bs make me wanna puke. I've been a fan since the book came out. Well two months after it did. I got my copy for Christmas 2005. Well that was more of a vent. Yeah, I hated it. The ending? Horrible. I wanted Charlie to yell at Bella for the bikes.
  5. Whoa, I will update photos. Just not now. Mother and her friends are watching these ghost shows and they have the lights off so the lighting is horrible. Anyways I'm actually placing the battery in my V2 right now. -Download, Reset? I`m going to reset it. Okay so now I`m waiting for my Tama to hatch. So the whole point of this blog is that I want to get started with full-time Tama blogging and you know I want something to play with during classes. Hatched! It`s a girl! -Name? Kodou My V2 I`m started up is the pink one from the two Tama set. My friend has the purple one. I guess it could possibly be a sign of a friendship. Well I shall update the life of my Tama Kodou about two times a day. This blog will have photos and I might even draw pictures of Kodou. Also, the title: Kodou`s Tama Log;; It's all about bonds. Kodou means bonds. : D xx Kodou.
  6. So I'm sitting here and my music star is sleeping on my desk but just a few minutes ago it my Chamametchi changed into a Memetchi. Is it normal on a music star to evolve while sleeping? Or do all music star and other tamas do that?
  7. In grade five I had this awesome idea~ But some of yours are pretty awesome and much better then mine. I'd love a full color Tamagotchi, and all the Tamagotchi characters are on it. Another thing is like how the Tamagotchi Color has a house and stuff I'd also like that feature. And for connecting I'd love it if you could connect with someone far away maybe with wifi? And one other thing is it'd be cool if like your Tama could tell you how its feeling by having a speech bubble or actually talking to you with its own voice... Don't mind my lame ideas, grade five was somewhat awhile ago...
  8. Mine's KD2469. I just felt like to pick a random ID... : D
  9. Puke. I think I'm gonna puke if I'm in this elevator and longer!
  10. I think I'll join. But can I use my Tamagotchi Color?
  11. There is no plans for them to come out in English right now.
  12. I think its fair 100% Just because America doesn't get the Tamagotchi color doesn't mean you can't get one. You can make this you chance to learn Japanese! I know Shipping makes it a lot. But if you really want it, you'll get it.
  13. If you come straight home after school do the sleep trick, and if you don't come home still do the sleep trick. And keep it in your bag/locker. I'm not good with tips/tricks because no one at my school cares about Tamagotchis. Not even the teachers.
  14. I have had my tickets for awhile now. I just can't wait too see it. But they have messed the movie up so much from what the previews show.
  15. I think its more girls that play them. But I do know a lot of boys who play tamagotchis. At my school about six girls(that I know of) have a tamagotchi. And about eight boys(that I know of) play with a tama. But if I add everyone out of school girls overpower boys. But I think lots of boys play with them. But they just don't want to say.
  16. 7/10 hehehe... Garra isn't cute in that picture. But I can scare him all I want!
  17. I got a letter from Bandai. ------- Dear Zoe, Thank you for your interest in Tamagotchi. The Tamawalkie will NOT be coming out as a V6. The Tamagotchi plus color will NOT be available in the US. ---- That seems not fair at all. I'm really mad now. But I guess I'll stand out in my town. Having a Tamagotchi color and no one else having one.
  18. Here in Canada the prices are random. If they are on sale at London drugs they are $8. But not on sale they are about $16-20. Brand new at Wal-mart/Toys R us are $24.
  19. When I was in grade four I went to the boys and girls club and this girl in my group who had a V1 and V2. I would ask her I could play with them and she said 'no.' So I asked my mum if I could get one and she also said 'no, you have to buy it your own.' But then I asked my grandpa and he once again said 'no.' But my grandma over heard us and we went to Wal-Mart that night(we planned to go that night anyway). And she got me a V2. It was the red one with hearts. Then me and the Tama girl in my group became best buddy's. That's my story.
  20. I posted something just like this this morning! Umm I know there is an Artistic, and Sociable.
  21. Sorry if someone posted something like this before. Well this morning my Tama woke me up. So I had to pick on of the items. But once I was done my 'blended' family was no more, I am an 'artistic' family now. How did I get like that? Also, my V5 is the celebrity one.
  22. About once every other day. I like Tama expo. I just don't like logging and off all the time.