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  1. Hey! I might join If there is more details,'Cause st. patricks day is march 15~
  2. Anne no Gull Eh? LOL (strange) M I L K
  3. Hey I will join~ Me use a 4.5! 12pm I will be at school *thinks recess* KK i can handle that http://s54.photobucket.com/albums/g88/dest...mav45002gif.gif Thats what my V4.5 looks like!(Sorry I can't find my Camara)
  4. 6/10 its ok, its from pokemon right?
  5. Will Eat Apples Parking On Non Street M C D O N A L D S
  6. HOw long does it take? I'm so old school using a V2
  7. I don't think so! 'Cause Bandi name it TAMAGOtchi Tamago means egg in japanese so V3 and higer are rip-offs
  8. ANY IN LAS VAGES? GASP! ~~~~ Or Vancover Island Canada?
  9. I care for mine and school,home,after school care,day camps well mostly anywhere!
  10. no I don't think its rare ura is not rare just violetchi/Ura is a little harder to get :3
  11. ok with the nail polish you pause or wait till your tama goes to bed and panit it :3