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  1. well i have 15+ i have 20 i think i should sell mine
  2. Well... I have 7V4 and 3V2 7V1 so i like V1 or V4 better i can't tell
  3. Girl Name: Emily Boy Name: Edward
  4. THANK YOU meliloveshermama!!!!
  5. I wanna know i don't think many people do i MIGHT wanna get on on Ebay to see what its like but have any of u on tamatalk got one before?
  6. Ojamajo Doremi(JP name) Magical Doremi(FR/US name)
  7. Jess it was Happy i know because all the hearts were filled
  8. Very Cool! My Tama Is Going to be 7days old so i hope it work!!
  9. Can Anyone Tell Me if thats normal? and please reply on topic
  10. O.K. so I was thinking of a plan... and so I look at my tama Aqua is A Ponytchi and it was 8:30pm and she she was not doing her normal movements and she looked mad And then I remembered that she did that yesterday 1min before her Bed time.3min ago she did it again. Is that a warning saying your tama is goingto bed soon? PS: i have a V4
  11. Yesterday Me and Aqua went to the mall :3 she was very happy :3 Name: Aqua Gender:Girl Age:5 years Training:5 Weight:38lbs Smart: 149 arts:41 Social:87 Generation:1 Species: Ponytchi Job:Teacher HI!I love to talk :3 Kodou says I talk to much I hope notMe and Kodou are listening to Caramelldanse! its a good song.Well good day.I have a meeting on tamatown how cute of Aqua well if she goes I go! BYE!BYE! TELL MEMBERS TO FOLLOW THE RULES! DON'T COMMENT IN OTHERS LOGS SEND A PM
  12. <--------- Kusupatchi how ever you spell it