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  1. Me 2 but shes not my favourite singer
  2. I really like his songs My favourite one is Fear...
  3. Thank you for your thanksgiving wishes, Happy Thanksgiving to you tooooo!
  4. I think Thursday is my worst day of the week and I don't feel like reading books most of the time
  5. Proabably not I already have a laptop P.s: I realized u cant get internet everywhere with the ipod touch Get an iphone instead!
  6. Well my friends usually give me a Silly Band =) I have a purple worm and... a white palm tree that turns purple outside how cool is that?
  7. Is it worth the money?? I dont think so...
  8. Yeaa we had the same problem IN CANADA it was 42 degrees celcius in the summer :S
  9. Ok Dear ___, I love love love love love love u , lets get married!