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  1. I'm 13 and I just started playing with my tamagotchi again. XP
  2. my beautiful photo of a sunset.. love it. here you go
  3. Mostly I don't care what you think. But sometimes I put on a lot of make up and dress girlyly.
  4. hello. I think you should dye it blonde with pink highlights. Or like this if your school/parents let you Also, if you can you should straighten your hair and slice it to make it thinner.
  5. Thank you for the link i really love to watch house but lately I've been really busy and I haven't watched any of the new episodes yet got some catching up to do;)
  6. Hannah Montana (don't judge ) Hats Studio Ghibli Gossip Girl Vibrant Hair
  7. I love all the movies! The only ones I haven't watched are Porco Rosso and Whispers of the Heart. Gonna get them soon! My favourite has got to be Spirited Away because it's so cool and it feels like I've watched it before somewhere. Like I saw all this happen before but I know I haven't!! I just don't know how to explain!! Hahaha
  8. Domokun Hannah Montana (I'm serious) Studio Ghibli movies!! Gakuen Alice Lomography Nice people on TT MLIA
  9. I'm going to Huahin, Thailand!! I go there everyday holiday!!
  10. Umm.. Justin Bieber (sorry Justin Bieber). If you asked things I like that everyone else hates then it would be.. HANNAH MONTANA!! (seriously)
  11. I lovelovelovelove Japanese!!! XD oh and I also like other subjects but i forgot.
  12. Wow that's nice. Remind me to do it tomorrow.