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  1. I just heard of a new one! In hamstergeddon when zim is about to fire the lazers at peppi pause it and look at the left lazer. You can faintly make out his eyes.
  2. im not sure but someone also said he was in gaz taster of pork.
  3. While surfing the net I found out something freaky about invader zim: Jhonen (creator of zim) wanted to add a scene of gir covered in blood in gir goes crazy and stuff. When Nick said no, Jhonen and the rest of the creator ppl randomly placed a transparent picture of gir for 1 or 2 frames in random episodes. Here are the known ones: Bad Bad Rubber Piggy: When Zim is about to throw the last piggy inand it shows the portal you can faintly see gir in the center of the portal. Mortos Der Soulstealer: This is the only one you can still ssee on tv. (the rest are on the dvds) In the intro when it looks like the pipe is going to tuch the screen you can see gir in the middle. This is also the easist one to see Plauge of babies: In the begging, when they are falling and zim turns his head yo can see bloody gir on the left side I don't feel like explaining the rest =P
  4. Totally go for it. It's probably not as bad as talking to him in real life. Just ask him what your homework was for a subject. You might want to even talk to him about something funny that happened at school that day.
  5. I just got a betta fish and i was wondering how i can tell if its a girl or a boy. Oh, and please dont say its a girl if it lays eggs.
  6. I have a red shirt that has zim's head and it says alien invasion.
  7. Lol. I like Gaz to, but mostly cause she beats up dib and i hate him.
  8. Lol I'm wearing a gir tshirt to. On the front it says i'm advanced and the back says it's not stupid its advanced.
  9. INVADER ZIM IS MY MOST FAV SHOW EVER! My fav characters are Gir and Gaz! I hate Dib. He sucks. WHY WAS THERE BACON IN THE SOAP?! I made it myself! Lol
  10. My fav show on the list is Zack and Cody. MY FAV SHOW OF ALL TIME IS INVADER ZIM! I AM ZIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. If you could chose your gender what would it be? Im a girl and im happy being one but sometimes i fell like id be treated better if I was a boy. Everyone also treats me like a girlygirl even though im 100 % tomboy.
  12. Lol. Melissas my real name! Here are the names I like: Laura Jenny May
  13. I dont find that blonde joke very nice, even though I am a brenette. You may be fine with it if ur not blonde, but if you are then it may make you fell clumsy or wierd or stupid (no offense blondes) even if they're not. There was one girl in my class last year and one girl would tell her "you just had another blond moment!" and she would always say "I'm not even blond!"
  14. Here a list of people I'd like to meet: Hilary Duff Avril Lavigne Ashley Tisdale (or anyone from Zack & Cody) Jordin Sparks (fav girl from American Idol) Phil (can't remember his last name, fav boy from american idol) Johneey Deep Ryan Smith, Chris Pronger, the goalie (can't remember his name) Jhonen Vasquez (creater of Invader Zim, may not be famous) Rumiko Takahashi (creator Of Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 and Massion Itakko, famous in Japan) Enrique Iglasias And, also, theyre in no particular order.