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    Hanging out with my BF, Tamagotchis, tabletop games, League of Legends, working my butt off (two jobs whaddup)

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    At least 1 of every Connection (probably 2-5 of each)
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    The V4.5
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    Kuchipatchi, Lovelitchi, Mametchi, Kuromametchi, Ichigotchi, Chantotchi... Lots and lots!
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    My TMGO, My 4.5 and my Akai.

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  1. I can't access TamaChat it seems... It says I don't have permission or something. Help?

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    2. Itsumo-nana


      SJ-) She created her account back in 2007.. I think she already requested that, lol. Maybe delete cookies and refreshing?

    3. SailorRosette


      Nope. You need to request. It's been like that for a while now, regardless of when you joined...

    4. Itsumo-nana


      I know. I just figured that since she's have had an account since 2007... she had probably already requested access to Tamachat?

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