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    Hanging out with my BF, Tamagotchis, tabletop games, League of Legends, working my butt off (two jobs whaddup)

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    At least 1 of every Connection (probably 2-5 of each)
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    The V4.5
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    Kuchipatchi, Lovelitchi, Mametchi, Kuromametchi, Ichigotchi, Chantotchi... Lots and lots!
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    My TMGO, My 4.5 and my Akai.

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  1. I really wish someone/Bandai would somehow rerelease the Connection versions. Maybe on a mobile app or something, but I really miss them- I have a V3 running now and a Music Star and I'm loving them. Would pay lots for an app!!

    1. AnniChu


      Yea, that would be cool!

    2. SkaIsNotDead


      Bandai released some 3DS games in Japan, I feel like they could make a game based on connection generation tamagotchi. I'd play it!

    3. SkaIsNotDead


      Bandai still makes Tamagotchi 3ds games to be more specific.

  2. After six years, I finally bought a new Tamagotchi! It's a black and white Entama. My mum's also sending me my Music Star, V4.5, Akai and V3 from New Zealand along with some stuff for my upcoming wedding :)

    1. Hapihapitchi


      omg congrats! tama mail galore!

  3. If anyone's in Germany like I am, you can find them in Müller, the drugstore. I found mine by chance when I was at a mall in a different city. They were pretty hidden, no display or anything. They were also pretty dang pricey, at about 22 euros. But, not being able to resist, I got mine, the pink and blue clock design. I just got a Mametchi today :newmametchi:
  4. So nostalgic. I've been on this site for more than ten years now, almost half of my life. Thanks for keeping it going guys. Going to try and persuade my bf to get me an old V3 or something, I miss having tamas :(

  5. Hi everyone! I'm Kuchipatchi Love. I joined this site in 2007, when I was 11, after desperately googling how to make my friend's V2 work- the screen wasn't working but the sounds were still going. Turns out the wires in the back had come undone, and maybe it had something to do with the glass of milk she dropped it into. Anyway, Tamatalk came up and I immediately asked my mum for her email so I could join- and I was so happy to have found a community of people who loves tamagotchis as much as me. I stayed active for another 5 years until I met my first boyfriend, and after that life started getting in the way and I didn't have time to raise virtual pets anymore. But in that time I met so many good friends and had so many people that I admired- TamaStarGirl, Kuri, Sal, Ra, Binary, KyliesMum and everyone else I met on here. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone on this site- you guys got me through some hard, hard times, and I still come here now and then to have a nostalgia-browse and look back on how far I've come in almost 10 years, almost half my life. Thank you guys a million. -Kuchipatchi Love
  6. Been on this website for nearly 10 years... The time has flown by! o_o

    1. Tamacass


      WOW! That's amazing!

  7. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a great one! :)

  8. I was so impatient with my Walkie and just shook it to get where I wanted to go lol. I should bust it out again and use it because I walk a lot these days heh

    1. WarOmnimon


      February 26th... sooner than I expected. Get hype MAX. :)

    2. tamastar133


      Ooh I must get it!!!

  10. I'm working from home today... All snuggled up in bed and being paid for it!! I could get used to this!

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    2. pokewhite86


      oh i remember that simpsons chapter where homer work from home xD

    3. Kitt


      Yay! Working from home is always nice.^^

    4. Kitt


      Yay! Working from home is always nice.^^


    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      They did a couple days ago owo;

    2. kuchipatchi love

      kuchipatchi love

      I didn't check till now... Excited!

  12. Dear Bandai, hurry up and fix Kiramotchi's glitch! I wanna finish DT!

  13. I can't access TamaChat it seems... It says I don't have permission or something. Help?

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    2. SailorRosette


      Nope. It hasn't been forever/since opening to have requests. More like last year?

    3. kuchipatchi love

      kuchipatchi love

      Just did that x3 Thanks!

    4. kuchipatchi love

      kuchipatchi love

      Haha yeah since the update I wasn't on so much. But now I did the topic thing hopefully I can get access. Yay!

  14. I understand what you mean, EMF, but people love the vintages because they're nostalgic. They think fondly of the times they had with the P1 and P2 when they were younger. I like the simplicity of them. I personally can't wait to get my hands on a TF, but for the meanwhile I am happy with my ID ($15 ).