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    Lets see... Im a gamer plain and simple. I love old school games like on the original Nintendo. My favorite game at the moment is Call of duty: Black Ops. Buh bye 4 now

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  1. Hey ppl, has anyone seen Charlie the Unicorn??? If not here it is: so yea, i love charlie the unicorn and i just wanted to know if anyone else did
  2. I love all these movies!!!! If you want to watch them just go on youtube right here -> Thats what ive been doing for the past week xD anyways.. i voted for Spirited Away
  3. I just got down reading The Scorch Trials and so far i love this trilogy, but I have to wait till October 2011 until the last book of the trilogy comes out!!! Thats a looong time... Anyways if youve read this book or have any questions feel free to ask.
  4. Do you have a Hatena ID? Are you popular? How many flipnotes have you made? and Who is your favorite creator? I have an account and its kinda like my little youtube. My name is ThatOneGuy and I've made about 8 flipnotes all posted and all locked. My all-time favorite creator is probably Sugar or Skittles. I'm not very popular and i only have 3 people who have me as their favorite. This topic is for anything Flipnote related. Whether it's how you hate starbeggars or how much you love Boss.
  5. Im playing Black Ops tomahawking some noob lol
  6. Grr... soooo bored

  7. A)Mexico and Uruguay B)Argentina and Greece C)USA and England D)Germany and Australia E)Japan and Denmark F)Italy and New Zealand G)Brazil and Portugal H)Spain and Honduras
  8. ??ThatOneGuy?? vV\/ThatOneGuy\/Vv or something like that
  9. I dont know ANYTHING about these upcoming games. If anybody has info plz tell me.
  10. killer_91


    Im a soccer freak!!!!
  11. For some reason Diglett's my all-time favorite.