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  1. Argh!! I hate Blinkies soooo much so i threw mine out of the window
  2. can you see the actual tamagotchi if you can and it has four buttons its fake but i don't understand why it has BanDai on the box if it's fake
  3. Well what i do i jott all the things that heppend to my tama the after it goes to sleep i post it on my site just in case i loose the noter _______________________________________________________________________________________ visit my Tama site: http://www.freewebs.com/tama-fan-xox/
  4. How 'bout using some scoobies because what i don e 4 my tama was make a scoobie and halfway through i put some Hama beads on and it was realy cool
  5. I would of thought debugging but can't that break your Tama _______________________________________________________________________________________ plz visit my Tama site http://www.freewebs.com/tama-fan-xox/
  6. well ma tama (Harutchi) does something reall weird when i press C it jumps the turns around and stands real straight plz tell me what he is doing
  7. all i got from the king was some flowers