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  1. Why isn't it good? I love cute little tamagotchis, but give me a break! If you go to church/temple/whatever you are there to presumably celebrate your faith, so why do you have a toy with you? The bonehead deserved to be kicked out of church! (yay for Tamagotchi on the news, boo for the goof making the rest of us look bad!)
  2. Welcome, TamaGirl! Fullmetal is right, your tama is simply underweight. Give her/him a snack (or more, if you want to play lots of games) and she/he will be happy to play some more. Have fun!
  3. The packaging is misleading. Technically, yes, there are 20 games on the v4, but your character can not play all 20 at the same time. There's the basic 6 that you get from the Game menu, Jumping Rope, Mimic, Shape, Dance and Flag. Then there are 14 different jobs that your Tama can get when it grows up. The thing is, your Tama can only have 1 job at a time, so you only get 1 extra game. If your Tama doesn't get married and have a baby in a few days, you'll be offered the chance to get a new job, so for awhile you can play a different 7th game. Hope that clears it up!
  4. I've only got v4 tamas, not v4.5, so if my answer doesn't look right to you, it's probably because you've got a v4.5. If you want Pencil points, play the Shape game. If you want Sparkle points, play the Dance game. If you want Flower points, play the Flag game. If you have a v4 Tama, and you don't have any of those games, it's because your Tama is too young. Only teens get the full game list to play from. Juat wait a day or two and your tama will grow and you can play the games I described.
  5. It can potentially ruin your Tamagotchi permanently. If you don't care about whether your v3 tama is destroyed, then go for it. If you want your v3 to stay safe for sentimental reasons, then don't debug.
  6. Please stop making polls when all you really want is to have a question answered. All tama adults can get jobs. Check the stickies at the top of the forums for more useful links.
  7. 1. When your tama cries, go to the little icon in the lower left corner of the screen (looks like a Pac-man), and select "Praise." When your tama gives another tama a lousy present, select "Timeout" from the same menu. Also, if your Tama alerts you (the attention icon shows up in the lower right corner), and he/she is not missing any hearts and is not crying, select Timeout because they bugged you for no reason. 2. All games raise your skill points. 3. Depends on the age, but if your tama is under 60 kg, you shouldn't have any problems. My kids overfeed mine on snacks all the time, so mine are consistently in the 80s and 90s, and I've never had one die yet. Still, I wouldn't take the chance if I were you. 4. The game "Jumping Rope" is jumprope. 5. Yes. 6. Yes. You must have a Mohimatchi male toddler, and raise its Social (flower) points, and hope/pray it eventually grows into a Kuchipatchi. It's still random, even if you do those things. 7. Those are the only standard games. When your adult tamagotchi gets a job, that's one more game you can play. 8. Most tamas are grown and have jobs by age 4. The type of job/icon you have depends on what your skill points are.
  8. You said you can't do this "job", so I'm assuming your tama is all grown up and works at the preschool. Kids are getting on and off of the bus. You need to count how many are getting on, and subtract any that get off. When prompted, you enter in the number of kids you believe to be on the bus.
  9. Zamba, since your tama is asleep, reset the time on it to a period where your tama will be awake. (For example, if your tama normally falls asleep at 9 p.m., reset your time to be 8 p.m.) Then you can enter the logout code and bring your tama home!
  10. Debugging can cause your tamagotchi (or your brother's tama, as the case may be) to fail completely, and is generally not recommended. It would be better if you could just tell us what is going on with the tama, so we could suggest ways to fix it! Usually, Downloading or Resetting will fix most problems.
  11. You can definitely get the points you need without using the teachers! Actually, playing the games gives you MORE points than attending school does, anyway. Play SHAPE for Intellectual (pencil points), DANCE for Art (sparkle points), and FLAG for Social (flower points).
  12. I'm pretty sure that's only available in Japan, and I don't think many people at TamaTalk will know about it. Wish I could help, but I don't have any experience with either TamaSuku version. Sorry! Maybe try one of the other sections of TamaTalk?
  13. I believe it's supposed to be a terra cotta flowerpot on a saucer. It doesn't really matter though, because you never use it, it's just an icon to represent which teacher you have. When it comes time for your tama to have a job, the flower teacher will take it back, and the King will give you another icon to represent your new job.
  14. Play SHAPE if you want to get Intellectual (pencil) points. Play DANCE if you want to get Art (sparkle) points. Play FLAG if you want to get Social (flower) points. JUMP ROPE and MIMIC seem to award random points, or at least I never seem to get points in the same categories if I play these games more than once. All games will cause your tamagotchi to lose weight, which is a good thing if you've fed it too many snacks and don't want it to be overweight. Also, if you do well in the games, they will recharge your Happy hearts if you have any empty.