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  1. HELLO ALL TAMA TALKERZ the tamaz r doin great! o by the way i am writing this with my dsi! XD its kinda hard to write thou so im gunna make this fast, Bebe currently has 84 fasion points or whatever it is she is tryin to become a memetchi so.... Buba is doin fine although he needs to lose a couple lb. ill post tomarro or sometime else, well cya talkerz!
  2. Heyyyyyyy peoplez If u seen my previous log....logz i got bored of many tamas but im back in em the thing is my v5 broke DO NOT CRY YET THE DRAMA HASNT STARTED okay,...i still have a v3 and v4 got batteries and......... TWO TAMAZ WERE BORN Soo this log is all about me and the crazy,weird,sad,funny,historical,adventurous,surprising,dramatic,and ???:WOULD YOU GET ON WITH IT AND INTRODUCE US ALREADY SHEESH[/size][/size] oh yeah meet mah tamas v4:hello im Bebe v3:and im Buba...yeah go ahead laugh but we'll see who's laughing when,... *stares* Buba:... Anyway stat: Buba:nikatchi Bebe:Young memetchi ------------------------------- well those are wut types they are Bebe:I cant wait til im a beautiful makiko Buba:um ya...and im gunna be the smartest mametchi eva.... Bebe:Smart? Buba:quiet well ima get going so uh they willl become adults in about 2-3 days so im gunna go and try and get them settled so uh ALL:Buhbyez
  3. Super tamas: :Power:Telekinises,Mind reading, force feilds,:name:Shamic Power:Telport,super strength:name:Samiz Power:just has super ninja powers :name:Savor Power:Fly:name:Swayz Together they are: THE SUPER SSSS'S... Super evil of ultimate destrocion demolishing psycopathic cycotic demented tamas...of evilness.....: Power:Invisibility:name:Bo'ss Power:Quickness:name:Seems Now on to the story! The super SSS'S were in there super hq's watching over the town with the hidden cameras all over the place.Just to watch out for the villans. Suddenly, the cameras went off. "wait wat happened?" asked Shamic.
  4. OMGSH maple story is the best game EVA,My name on it is .....well same as this 1 Fireball602, on khani,.But i also have a guy named piyropire on scania.Fireball has more stuff with nx cash and stuff, so but he STINKS his stats stink so thats why i created PYROPIRE ps.FireballThief Pyropire:Bowman O and fire is lvl 23, pyro is lvl 16
  5. *Crowd cheers* ????:Thank you!Good night everybody! ________________________________ Hey!Im back sorry i havnt been on for awhile... My computer broke But now we have a new faster one!(thank goodness!) Bebe grew and is now the top hip hop band!(they changed to hip hop) Now she is a Memetchi! Bebe:Hiya! And she got married!! to a guy named Roby! and they have a son named lock! Lock: The little guy doesnt even try to talk! Roby:Hi. Bebe:WE ARE RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? That guitar guy came and droped off 10,000,000 p! Roby&Me: Wow!Oh woops we got to go to your concert! Bebe:Oh ok,Roby,Lock ill be back! Roby:Ok! Well see ya! Bebe:Byeya
  6. Hello! Im back! My tama grew she is a chamametchi! Bebe:Hiya!I finally got in a band! WHAT??? why didnt you tell me?!? Bebe:Uh, because it just happened. Oh, hehe my mistake.So what are you guys called? Bebe:Well the band members are Louis and Dino, the band is called Baykay! Baykay? Bebe:Ya, dont ask...But im the lead singer!And I got a free headphone set! Cool!What kind of band are you in? Bebe:Rock n' Roll! Awsome! Bebe:Um ya, dont ever say "Awsome" again. Whay not? Bebe:Because its "uncool" when you say it. Bebe:Whatever im going to practice, seeya.*walks out door* Uncool, what is she talking about? nvm. Well now thats over as you can see she is in a band now called...Baykay? Well ill post later c ya for now! p.s.:She found mister stuffy,
  7. Music star is the newest tama.But if you want something easier im sure you can find a v4 or v5 or maybe a v3 on toys are us if you want to order it.But you can't buy a v3 v4 v5 anymore in stores only music stars (v6)
  8. sorry no chart for the v5 but i have a chart for the v6!! V6 music star chart It took me awhile to find it but i did! hope i helped
  9. Tuki came running after. The icecream man seemed...different.His head was covered by a dark hood. "Vinilla!" tuki said emediatly. The Icecream man just just ignored him as if nothing was happening. "Hello?" said Tibbi
  10. Hey! Im gussing you read my log "My new v9 log" and saw the news That im making a brand new log.Or you just found me....Well however you found us,Im glad your here Cause im gunna introduce you to......*Drum role*.............................Bebe!Bebe is my v6 tama. Bebe:Girl:Toddler:Hitodetchi Bebe:Hi everyone!! Bebe is a singer,well wants to be one.She practices a lot! Bebe:LalalalalALAlala! *claps* Bebe:thank you thankyou!!Hey wait!Wheres mister stuffy? Whos mister stuffy? Bebe:My bunny! Oh ya, bebe has a stuffed bunny.(I guess she named it stuffy) Bebe:*Takes off running around the house*Wheres mister stuffy! Oh great now we have to find mister stuffy Well ill post later,Bebe should be growing today at... Bebe:IM GROWING TODAY!!!??YAY!!!!!! Um, i don't know exactly when but ill post when she grows! Bebe:Im hungry. Bye!!!
  11. Hi!Sorry i havnt posted for awhile! Well,I got the new v6 so i think im gunna start a new Tamalog called Fortune and fame!Or Music starz! so look out for those! My new log is only going to be about my music star so,...I hope you enjoy it!
  12. That happened to me,i used to have a tama named Gamy(in my log) and his name turned to qamy
  13. Hello people! My tamas evolved! Kyle:We didnt "Evolve we grew. Right.....Well this is what my tamas grew into. *Flash* Wow! what was that? *Ball of light* Mimi:Ahhhh!Blinding light!Wait!....could it be?...........................Gamy is growing!!! *Flash* Mimi:He grew into....a...Obotchi! Gamy:................... Wow! Gamy:.................. We need to sign him up for school! Gamy:..................... Kyle:How come he's not talking? .....hmm...maybe he is just nervouse? Well i got to spend some time with gamy. I'll tell you people what my tamas turned into, until then Tamas:*except Gamy* Byeeeeee!
  14. This isn't where this toppic should be but, click here it shows you how to use texts and colors
  15. You are thinking of when you mate a otokitchi and a Ojitchi the charector you will get is Oyajitchi like Pikachu Lover said.But i dont know if it grows from baby to Oyajitchi in one hour,I havnt tried it yet.