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    Food, tamatalk,tamagotchies, nearly everything with tama in it. Wantts to get a v3, v2, v1, Uratama, entama<br><br>I am 9 and a half

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  1. *swearing removed*, you don't want to KNOW AT ALL, of my dreams. They are *swearing removed* weird. Edit by TamaMum No swearing on the TamaTalk forums - even using asterisks - the meaning / intent is still clear Check the site rules - they haven't changed.
  2. go here http://world5.monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=59202330 and 10/10
  3. I mean like you are so annoying you made a grandma scream like that
  4. Can a guide close this nobody is doing this right?
  5. Oops I did that to fast lol thanks