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  1. I was just using it as an example, I am sorry if I have offended anybody.
  2. Toys 'R Us Manaphy, Toys 'R Us Darkrai, Pokemon Center events in New York, and probably a lot more in the future. Also, the Pokemon Rocks America tour gave out a lot of 10th Anniversary level 70 events like Celebi and Ho-Oh. It was only in 2005. I hope North America considers WiFi events for Platinum like Japan has.
  3. I'm pre-ordering it tomorrow for the events that are going to come. I think a few already passed. Darn. My parents owe me my birthday present, anyways. I live in Canada too. I know what it feels like to see Americans get events while Canadians suffer.
  4. Because neither can my parents. What in the name of Charlie is that?
  5. So it is hacked. Got any unhacked legends? I'm looking for Ho-Oh, Groudon and Kyogre to finish my collection.
  6. Is Celebi hacked, because then I might clone my Giratina. No promises on whether I clone it or not, though.
  7. My answer: no. But I see what you are saying. It is alive in the sense that it exists, but beyond that it doesn't have any intelligence other than from the programming. I don't believe the tamagotchi inside is alive, because it has been summoned by the processor inside, and is only an avatar of/for the programming. Again, most people think tamagotchi are alive because of how they act. They are programmed to be like humans. People will give them traits because they seem so smart, but it's only the programming. That is why raising a tamagotchi is a delightful experience. A pet dog, on the other hand, thinks for itself. It is random. It can run away if it wants to, or be very loyal to you. Tamagotchi have no choice but to respond to you when you treat them kindly. I'm going back to the intelligence thing: what fun is a pet if it can't think for itself, right? Again, that is the illusion of it having it's own mind that intrigues us. If tamagotchi were really alive in the inside of their shell, I'd be puzzled and scared. P.S. If you want to read a good tamagotchi fic about a tamagotchi that is 'alive', go here: (it's a suspense/mystery). I liked it very much.
  8. Skinny jeans come in plus sizes, too. Which defeats the whole purpose of them being skinny, so who cares? I wear a plus size. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Go outside and exercise if you feel you have to. My dad brought back the Wii and 360 yesterday, though. My Pokemon are still intact in my Ranch. Nothing to do today except grind for exp. on Pokemon Diamond.
  9. I like Evanescence when I feel moody or sad. One of my favourites is 'Lacrymosa'. meowbark: lay off, sheesh. She's just stating her opinion, and politely at that.
  10. Her songs are good, but the radio and TV music stations shouldn't w**** out 'I Kissed a Girl' so much. It's happening to 'Hot and Cold', too.