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  1. This was because you neglected the happiness on your V5. Buy a steamed bun or a whitsle to reverse the effects.
  2. It dosent work that way. You Have to get a VIOLETCHI and marry it to SUKATCHI. Thats how it works.
  3. Well you could Just send it to bandai. They will try and fix it but if they dont they will send you a replacement. But be careful they might send the *Gulp* The latest Version. If you dont want a V5 , or really like that shell send a note saynig you dont want latest vesion and if they cant fix it , send it back.
  4. The person just said to not awnser anymore , SO dont awnser
  5. Ok, have you ever had a teacher you hated? tell us why? Thanks.
  6. um... I feel like hitting my teacher with a bat , for a strange reason.
  7. its just an easter animation . its totally normal.
  8. well thats cool cause i got a REAL AUTHENTIC V5 for free! and canadiands usally get thangs LAST . Maye it was a lucky coincidence to get V5 first.
  9. There is NO NONBIRITCHI ON V4.5 !!!!!! if you still raised the spiritual points u would get a mukimutchi.
  10. uh thats beacse when they dont call [musal note icon will come up ] they just look confused thats why.
  11. for a mametchi , ALWAS choose the first thing when the call ex , bloks and have HIGH bonding [ thats 80 - 100 percent] but its NOT 100 percent effective.
  12. for the V4.5 codes , maybe you accidently put in the v4 codes.
  13. hello! As you guys know i am misstama12 , but most people call me miss. so heres gracy! gracy is a female tamatchi who loves to dance! she adores zouritchi and wants to be one! hi! miss can i talk? PLEASE? ok . HI IM GRACY IM SOOOOO ECITED TO MEET YOU! I WANNA BE A ZORITICHI! AND MISS SAID SHES GONNA BUY A V5 BUT SHE SAID TO KEEP IT A SECRET! gracy! oops ! sorry mommy. its ok! [ make sure you tell any secrets to her ok?] HEY MOM! OH YEAH IM SORRY IM YELLING BUT I WENT TO SARA'S PARTY AND HAD SOOO MUCH CANDY!!! anyways thats all i have to say for now but post when she evolves. 1. Name: gracy 2. Age: 1 3. skills- funny 84, gorgues 67 spiritual , 58 bYE GUYS HOPE YOU HAD FUN!!