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    my boyfriend, manga, reading, annoying my little brother, listening to music, talking to my friends on the phone, making people smile, chocolate, writing books, chocolate, going to Girl Scout meetings, and chocolate.

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  1. wow! that's scary. good luck. ( )( ) ( )( ) I [four leaf clover]
  2. im wearing a pink t-shirt that has popsicles on it that says sweet, blue shorts, navy legwarmers, and my glasses
  3. i remember 2 years ago (5th grade) i got my tonsils and adeniods out. i remember the nurse gave me this disgusting tasting cherry medicine, and then i felt cold and went to sleep. when i woke up i was freaking out because of the IV in my arm ( o-O ) and they shoved this awful green shredded ice that was supposed to be a watermelon snowcone down my throat...blecch....don't wanna talk about the rest of that day. 5 days after my surgery i lost my voice and could only keep bioullion down... but I got cards from all my classmates!
  4. i'm allowed. i just wear black eyeliner and lipgloss. anything else makes me feel like a freak.
  5. "sure" said kyle. "she's coming back" said faith. and so tear came back to kyle and they were happy for the time being.
  6. oh! and during that same imaginary journey thing, since most of the lights were off, and the blinds were closed, my guy friend in front of me fell asleep! and if that wasn't funny enough, my guy friend who sits next to him tries to wake him up by poking him with a piece of paper!
  7. 6 years ago i was obsessed with bob the builder. lol, then my brother became obsessed with that show. "Bob the builder! Can we fix it? Bob the builder! Yes we can!" i think they added a snow mobile in one of the episodes. spud was annoying. now i just think "talking machines? lol"
  8. so ava explained to kyle and because he liked tear so much, and wanted her to be happy, he let her go free.
  9. but saphire forgot to put the spell on ava, but ava knew it was for the best.
  10. lol...this is funny! okay so i'm in social studies with one of my guy friends sitting in front of me. and the counselor's having us talk about our lives, ok? and so this girl "Jenny" keeps saying "ya know?" so the 2 of us start laughing really hard, and then she says it again and the whole class is laughing and she doesn't know why! the counselor was also having us do this imaginary journey thing where she had us pretend we were back i 6th grade and then up till today, then tell her what came to mind. so i said "i realized i really liked pop tarts back then. and i talked too much." so everyone was laughing!
  11. pizza. it's sweet and shaped like a leaf of the tree it's named after.
  12. o-O the lyrics freak me out. but she has a nice voice!
  13. and then kevin and nick escued them all. and they went to another town but lilly ws there and she said "oh no you don't nick, you're coming with me" and then...