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    My name is Hannah and currently I'm a depressed mood. My favorite color is purple and currently I'm hooked on OHSHC, the pool, the factory, and rollerblading!

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  1. Please get to know the sport before you trash it. Cheerleading takes the utmost psychical and mental skill. You have to stay concentrated and focused to know what you're going to do next. You have to be prepared for anything coming your way. My gym told us, if you're going to be a sissy, get out. Most uptight and preppy cheerleaders I know, stink. You've only met the school cheerleaders most likely. Once you join a regular competing team, you'll learn what the sport is really about. Once you join you won't want to quit. Your team becomes your family. The gym becomes your home. You breathe, eat, sleep, and talk cheer. Don't listen to those stereotypes on TV. They wouldn't know cheerleading if a flier came down on their face. P.S. : Cheer is my life. Before you trash it I'd like to see you juggle cheer practice 5 days a week, 3 hours a day, while doing homework, going to school, and trying to get the right amount of sleep. Also, on top of that, pay $2000 for a year while your father is the only one working because your mother is sick, and barely getting by just so you could do the sport you truly love. Long speech, but I just don't like people trash talking about things before they even try it.
  2. Okay~ I'm going to make it a blonde color and then maybe put some temp. blue in it, just incase I don't like the blue. Thank you guys <3
  3. I'm getting my hair dyed next weekend, and I can't decide between blonde or black. And I'm also deciding between pink highlights, or electric blue highlights. Me~ For the topic also, What color is your hair?
  4. Okay, so I was bored today and I decided to play around a little bit with the adoption center. When it asked me to enter my secret code, I typed in: 5D3T And as soon as I entered it, a gray box appeared that said: Tracer Debug Does anyone else get this box? Do you know what it's for?
  5. Well... My hair is very thick and curly :/ I have ALOT of acne My spine isn't correct (I have scoliosis) I have a high-pitched voice I'm SUPER skinny (it's not good) I'm REALLY tall My bewbs aren't exactly the same (one's alot bigger than the other) ADHD :l I have spaz attacks alot, which makes people think I'm crazy and hate me I may have arthritis one day I have a huge gap in between my teeth I'm Puerto Rican and Polish so my skin's in the middle, so when I tell people I'm Spanish they don't believe me because I have American-looking skin I'm very smart. People call me a nerd I wear glasses I will always have a huge blue scar on my shin But that's the way I am <3 and I'm loving every second of it.
  6. You'd only get these if you knew me - Squirrels in mah pants! - Lara Shae & Olivia Powdered donuts! - Olivia & Lara Pwnsome (: - Lara How's your baby? - Alex Butt r@$%^s! - Lara We have such dirty minds x3
  7. Lemme see... hrm. Too many!! xD Acting childish and random Anime CATS Bewks! (Books) Cheerleading TUNA!!!! I think I'm turning neko xD
  8. animelover22


    I have all the expansion packs and stuff packs for the Sims 2 And I'm getting the Sims 3 World Adventures for Christmas
  9. My cat just died.... I feel horrible. I keep going back in time with memories....I'm remembering the first day we got him.... and how my mom almost didn't keep him. I remember every time I got mad I would try to kick him.... I feel horrible about that. I remember when he first got sick. He was laying in bed.... he couldn't move. I stayed by his side..... I remember getting up in the morning and seeing him outside, wanting to come in. I remember feeding him. I remember all of those special moments together. And now they're all gone. He was my only comfort when I felt like I had no friends, when I felt lonely. I miss stroking his fur and telling him, "I love you...I love you so much..." When we were at the animal hospital my mom leaned over to his side and sang a song she would always sing to him to make him happy. I saw that he could barely open his eyes, and he was barely breathing. I kissed him and petted him and I kept telling myself, "He's going to be okay. Just wait.... he'll get up..." He never did. I cried by his side and laid my head gently on his back. Tears are flooding my eyes by this second and I can barely see what I'm typing.... I just can't stop crying. I loved him so much. But now he's gone....
  10. I would LOVE that. Thanx you for the idea because I might just be able to! Yoo iz now mah fwend!
  11. I only txt talk when I'm talking to my friends on facebook. But it does annoy me when people use it so much that you can't understand them. lke whn ppl r lke tis al the tme Yeah, that bugs me.
  12. Okay, I need a hug. My boyfriend Joey just moved to Scotland and is now thousands of thousands of miles away from me (I live in GA). I don't get to see him again, hug him again, or even talk to him again, and I just feel so miserable right now I know long distance relationships never last and that's kinda what's worrying me. Any tips on how we can stay in contact (besides phone and email)?
  13. He honestly annoys me alot. Not him in general, it's more of the fangirls. EVERY girl I know LOVES him. I told my friend once that I didn't like Justin Bieber and she called me a hater. I then got rejected for about a week. Most of my friends call me a hater, actually. They call me some other things too that should not be repeated and that are just plain rude. In my opinion, he looks like a 12 year-old, the girls in his music videos are WAY too old for him, and his voice sounds like he just choked on a piece of pie. I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER! Let the flame-war begin >
  14. XDDDD. Seriously?! I go to a public middle school. It's not all that bad except that it's like 4 years old, and they don't wanna build on it too soon, so we don't have enough lockers for everyone, so most people have to share (luckily I have my own top locker :3). The food is....okay. Most of the time there's atleast SOMETHING edible. Our football team is #1 so far compared to the other 5 schools we compete against. Volleyball is okay I think. And our principal is all crazy about winning every game. If we don't he'll lecture us all over the morning intercom. My school's pretty cool...