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  1. That just happened to me today! The [!] Mail wouldn't stop coming, I just went to "Work" and played one round, and they stopped coming! So is this a glitch or not??
  2. How old is your Tamagotchi? If it's pretty old and hasn't mated yet, it's probaly a female oldie.
  3. You could contact Bandai and see if they would be willing to fix it.
  4. Very strange... I wish JD would just stop selling those fake Tamagotchi's!
  5. Copiers! They should be sued, but unfortunately we can't because as *tamabailey* said, they spell it Tamogotchi...
  6. I finally did it! I got a Makiko, this is on my first try too! I'm happy, it's cool to look and say I did that by myself.
  7. Probaly comes out June 13-17th, because it is "mid-June".
  8. Don't feel like you're the only one, it happened to me also!
  9. When does my Tamagotchi graduate school? She is already 3 years old and an adult.
  10. It's completely fine if your Tamagotchi does this, my Young Memetchi does it all the time!
  11. They're fakes, Bandai hasn't even announced a V.5 yet.