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    I used to be a normal person. Now, I'm just an overly obsessive fan!girl.<br><br>"Friends are like memories. They leave but return when you really need them."<br><br>I'm a bitch. I just can't help it. It's in my genes.<br><br>My memory is the worst. Long term and short term its just too hard. Which is why I tend to write things down quickly after a flash inspiration.

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  1. It's time for Interllectual small talk! How's the weather? Sunny, cloudy, rainy, (thinks of another weather type) snowy? Here, its pretty gloomy right now. Black and gray clouds are covering the sky. A little windy. It smells like rain but there's not a drop in sight. I'm predicting it would be rather cold if I stepped outside. What about your town at this very moment?
  2. Really . . . I'd like to die a slow and painful death. I'm sure plenty of you are asking why. Well, because when I die I want to be able to take a big look around me and memorize what's there. I want to take time to think about my life and wonder if I did all I wanted to do. I'd like to feel my last few minutes of pain. It sounds gruesome, kinda, but it would be worth it. Just to be able to say a longer goodbye to the world in which I spent my whole life.