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  1. Just found this when I looked up the UPC for the convention special one.
  2. chrispilot2293

    4U compatible phones

    I have no idea, I have an M8, which has almost identical specs to the E8, which is compatible, but idk if the M7 can...
  3. chrispilot2293

    4U compatible phones

    I'd like to add that since the HTC One E8 was able to transer to the 4U then it should theoretically be possible to transfer using the HTC One M8, since they share the same internals, just different cameras and body construction.
  4. chrispilot2293

    IOS or Android?

    Yes! I want it! i currently have the M7, but the Desire EYE and M8 EYE are very EYEcatching!
  5. chrispilot2293

    IOS or Android?

    Android FTW! (I use HTC devices and will never switch!)
  6. chrispilot2293

    v4 or v5.5?

    a bit high but heres a v5.5 on ebay, you can always make an offer and see if they will take less...
  7. chrispilot2293

    The P's English Patch

    Really? Again with the Loud font size and colors? You can ask a simple question without making it seem like a life or death emergancy with bright red text and size 25 font.... Or you know, hard to read purple and script style text... The rules of tamatalk say your posts must be in eye friendly colors and fonts, well, as far as my years of graphic design and web page design classes go, bright red has always been a no-no for "eye pleasing'....
  8. chrispilot2293

    TamaOtch characters

  9. chrispilot2293

    What Kind of Phone are you using?

    Im glad someone here knows the difference between GSM and CDMA
  10. chrispilot2293

    What Kind of Phone are you using?

    The fact that they sell so well even though they have crap specs and low resolution screens... and Apple is just a terrible company.
  11. chrispilot2293

    Stupid ir USB ;-;

    Make a shortcut on your desktop to "C:\Windows\System32\irftp.exe" this will permanently make an icon, it wont open anything until your tama is detected, so you will have to connect 2 time, (this has been my experience on Windows 8.1
  12. chrispilot2293

    New Release: Tamagotchi 4U (Sep. 27th)

    Reminds me of the Osutchi/Mesutchi
  13. chrispilot2293

    What Kind of Phone are you using?

  14. chrispilot2293

    What Kind of Phone are you using?

    Its a bit HTC biased, but mostly its Android biased or more, anti-apple
  15. In light of the recent Tamagotchi 4U release, with NFC downloads, lets see what kind of phones our users are well, using! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CAPTIONS IN THE POLLS ARE STEROTYPICAL SATIRE, NOT MEANT TO BE TRULY OFFENSIVE TO OWNERS OF THE DEVICES