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  1. The Tamagotchi Plus is a Japanese version of the version 2. It's just a different name.
  2. He pooped, then got sick. Took two shots to cure
  3. Got up to 19 on music notes, then 72.
  4. This is the life of my v3, Kazuo. He has just hatched. I will feed him 6x Sushi, 4x Cake. He is very cute.
  5. Who cares about the birthday of a forum? You don't know 50% of the members here, Admin, staff and Bandai. So don't act like it. You're so sad, taking so much care, wasting money on a useless forum. Guess what? WE'RE ONLY HERE TO DISCUSS. That's what this is about. Not about worthless parties.
  6. You probably haven't got a job yet. (: You need to wait for an offering.
  7. Try setting the time to 10:29AM. Wait for a minute. If mail comes, then try again.
  8. Actually, I do know for a fact this works. (: I got a little tired with my V4 shell and decided to make a cover for it. And my translucent UK blue melon soda tama v3 was a little boring so I decided to paint it inside, let it dry, then painted on gold stars and swirls.
  9. Sorry Walt. Let's connect! Okay..but I don't really like you. I'm not particularly fond of you! Hmph! Why not open up your present? *** OPENS PRESENT Ewww - gross! Hah, like your poo present! -pounces-
  10. Hello, I'm Walt. Hello, I'm Dapmi and I am better than Walt. Now, now, kids. Calm down Dapmi. Stop teasing your brother. Hello, I'm Walt. They already know that XD Exactly, Dumbo. Oh shutup..
  11. They are playing a game together.................Walt won!