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    Mayer, Arizona, USA
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    I love swimming, hiking, and showing my mini horse, as well as Tamagotchi. I also ride hunter/jumper horses in shows for other people. I enjoy my jobs very much as well.I do house painting, and work part-time at Family Dollar. I no longer drive a school bus--got tired of it, so I retired.

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    p1-2, p2-3, Santaclautch (green)-1, Osu/Mesu pair-1 pair, US Ocean-1, US Angel-1, V1-2, V2-3, V3-3, V4-4, Entama-1, Uratama-2, Akai Keitai-2, Mini (Chibi)-4, Nano-1, TMGC+Color-1, iD-1, iDL-1, iDL (English)-1, V5-3, Music Star-3, Tama-Go-1, Home Deka-2 (1 blue,1 orange), Kakeibo (Ginza Street,blue)-1, V4.5-2, Royal Family V5.5 (Beach)-1, V5.5 (Hawaii Palm Trees)-1,Dark blue Tama Suku, version 1-1,Tama Fure-1, Tama Suku version 2 (blue and green)-1, Transparent Blue Keitai (black pixels),-1,Tamawalkie(blue)-1, Tamagotchi-the Movie DVD-1, Other VPs not Tamagotchi-13, plus 3 fakes. And a thick Uratama guide book. Whew--that's all.
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    I like them all, but I really treasure my iDL English and Santaclautch the most.
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    No name fake-- blue and green (see avatar), Tama Suku versions 1 and 2, and Tama Fure.

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  1. I just got a blue Cheeks Chan. I'm still learning how to play it. It's fun, but dosen't have a "personality" like a Tama does.
  2. A blue Cheeks Chan I got for a really great price on ebay. I should get it on April 9th. I've seen some videos about it, and it looks like fun! Can't wait!!
  3. 39. Go to a club together. 40. Hang it off your rearview mirror while you drive. 41. Hang out at the mall together. 42. Go to a football game together. 43. Go to a fancy restaurant together.
  4. MarshyMellow, I think you meant to say 9. Anyways, 10.
  5. Probably the Genjitch--only one shell color, and the characters are kinda ugly.
  6. Another one is the Mezamatch (sp) alarm clock. A blue one.
  7. Or that type of lanyard.
  8. Umm--no. I don't take mine out in public any more, and haven't seen anyone with one in years. They stay quietly at home, and enjoyed in private.
  9. ^^They are. However they do have a game (catch the letters to spell "Tamagotchi"--don't worry; it's in English, two times for perfect score). And they are cute. They're almost round, kinda like a Tama Go, but much smaller. They're great for the cuteness factor.
  10. Blue and green fake (the one in my avatar), Tama Suku version 1 and 2, and Tama Fure.