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  1. I currently own a tamagotchi V4 and I need a way to hide it in class. (Im in year 7 in Australia) I have read something about making an alluminium cover but I asked my dad and he said it would break it. I would'nt put it on a lanyard (a neck chain) because then everybody would see it and I would own the reputation for "Tamagotchi girl". I can't buy a pouch for it because nowhere sells them where I live. Oh wait does toys r us sell pouches?? Maybe I can get one there. I always turn the sound off in class so it doesnt beep. I was thinking maybe if I set the time to when it first goes to sleep so that when I get back home at the end of the day it would still be asleep but it would still get older? Any other ideas/suggestions I would greatly appreciate. Thanks, From Caitlin
  2. Is this normal for my tamagotchi to be a Hinotamatchi (Fireball teen) at 0 years old?
  3. Aww no duhh If I said on my previous generations I had 4 selections of food dont you think I would know how to scroll through them..?
  4. You're V2 problem may be a glitch. Did you neglect your tama/forget to feed it/ leave it sick for too long?? Either of it hose would be your "dying in its sleep problem" otherwise it was a glitch. if it happens again you should contact a moderator about it if it happens again and maybe they can help you. On your v3 the reason why you got hit by lightening is because when you buy the lamp, the outcome is totally random. It can be good or bad. Thanks, From Caitlin xoxoxo
  5. My Mizutamatchi wont eat. He will eat snacks but when I slect to give him food he shakes his head. hes not sick though./ Please help me. I dont want to reset because Im on my 3rd generation and I have heaps of items and money. Please
  6. I have donated 12000 to the king but qwhen I visited him a few times in tamatown he said thankyou for your donation it will come in handy but I dont get anything! Please help i need the stuff from the king for my v4
  7. My adult tama has been with the baby for more than 24 hours. Whats the time I set it to and wait how many minutes to see it leave? Ps Its on a v4
  8. Hey everyone, I have a child mizutamatchi on generation 3. When I go to food and scroll through I see the normal food, some of the food I have bought but not all and then about 20 balls of food! When I eat them they dont go away, niehter when I try to delete them. Its not a big problem but its just annoying. Then after the balls there comes the snacks I have in the food section!! and then at the end a fishing pole then it freezes up and I have to download. Any suggestions please without resetting?
  9. Hey Guys, My tamagotchi v4 is on generation four and it is a child (Mizutamatchi). Ever since he was a baby he only had one selection of food. (A Scone) Where as on my other generations It had 4 unlimited selections of food. On my previous 2 generations I bought heaps of food and were able to view them in food but I can only see my food in the present/food option. My snacks are fine but it only gives me one item of food!! Please help. P.s I tryed downloading but I don't want to reset! And if youre thinking its a fake its NOT coz I bought it from target and trust me I would know. Thanks and if you have any suggestions that does not include resetting please post
  10. My Tamagotchi v4 is on gen3 and The adult just left the baby boy. I set it to 11.59 then waited five minutes then the adult left. I set the time to 10.50 so i could feed my baby boy and play with him. Then I set the time back to 12.15 because I wanted it to go to sleep because I was really tired. But...he wont go to sleep! No matter what time I set it to! And the other thing is, is that when I select food it only gives me one selection which is a sconne and not the original 4 or the previous food I had bought. The snacks are fine but the food has nothing. Please help me I need to get some sleep without my tamagotchi dying! From Caitlin P.s I have tryed downloading but that didnt work. Any ways I can fix this without resetting?