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    SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER,SOCCER ,and swimming(and soccer too)<br><br><br><br>dont forget soccer ok? OK

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  1. chocolate tamagotchi


    if you want to get a mame family then you would have to give the current tama A LOT if attention! mametchi, he is a really smart tama and that only happens when you give the tama a lot of attention.
  2. chocolate tamagotchi

    How do you raise the happiness level?

    some ways to make ur tama happier is to: give it snacks;or; play games;or; connect it with other tamas.
  3. chocolate tamagotchi

    How Do You Know When Your tama will grow

    on ANY version, when it is time ur tama's screen will flash and it will magicaly grow into another tama. ur tama will only grow to one character depending on how much attention you give it.
  4. chocolate tamagotchi

    Weightless Teen

    ok. u must be born yesterday if u dont know why...i mean... it depends on what kind of tama it is... if it is one of tose tamas that are very fit then... that is probaly one of the reasons. maybe the tama is too self concious. but feed it more and see the results...
  5. chocolate tamagotchi

    No memory for tamagotchi v5

    are you sure it is the same family? hmm.... on my V3 i was on gen. 6 and i kept that generation alive but ever since i passed gen. 3 it stopped showing the ancestors... IDK... i guess it happens with all tamas?
  6. chocolate tamagotchi


    well before you play games you should feed it a snack. a healthy snack though! like fruit or a vegetable! NOT JUNK FOOD!!!!
  7. chocolate tamagotchi

    What do you think is cutest?

    I think they are both CUTE chocolate tamagotchi
  8. chocolate tamagotchi


    the office is real funny but Ned is pretty funny jk
  9. chocolate tamagotchi

    whos YOUR favorite tamagotchi?

    answer the poll dudes!!!
  10. chocolate tamagotchi

    How many hours does a Tama evolve?

    it just depends on how long you put it on pause like if you never put it on pause it takes you about 3-7 hours now i have a V1 so it might be WAAAAYYYYYYY different chocolate tamagotchi
  11. chocolate tamagotchi

    Tama Spotcheck...........

    how do you put it in sleep mode?
  12. chocolate tamagotchi

    Tama Spotcheck...........

    i TOTALLY dont know!!!???!!!
  13. chocolate tamagotchi


    it depends on how much you play with it......see i once played with my tamagotchi for about 8 hours straight one day an about the same amount the next day and one more day then when i woke up the 4th day the battery was dying but you know you can press the button in the back of the tamagotchi ...then it will start up ......but it doesnt last very long chocolate tamagotchi
  14. chocolate tamagotchi

    How can I hide my tamagotchi v4 at school?

    the way you can hide your tamagotchi is to turn off the sound by holding down buttons A then C then put your tamgotchi on pause by pressing A then B chocolate tamagotchi
  15. chocolate tamagotchi


    I try and try again to get into Tamatown for my V4,I mean I type in my PC password CORRECTLY and all of a sudden this box pops up and says:ERROR IN PASSWORD. Is it just that I have to be an adult to get into Tamatown V4 ? chocolate tamagotchi