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  1. Ok, so this is how I saved my tamagotchi from dying: When you hear that creepy music signalling that your Tamagotchi is going to die, reset then download. It worked for me ^^ My Hinotamatchi lived another 4 days after that ^^ Hope this works with everyone else ^^
  2. look is it fake I NEED to know!!!! http://i29.tinypic.com/5klhue.jpg
  3. Hello! I am in real need of help on my V5, because I am new to it and don't know how to make the Bonds percentage go up! How do I do it?! Please help me! EmpressThorn77
  4. whats ur v5 family name? mines Daioh! off azumanga daioh!
  5. When ever i try to log in on tama&earth expo, it says: Tama&Earth EXPO is experiencing a traffic jam.Try logging in later. Its really annoying, cos i have had my v5 4 3 days now, but havent been on te&e yet.
  6. Ok! Ill look out for them and more!
  7. i got mine in argos too! mine is pinky-red colour and has a lilac pyramid thing, buttons and zig zaggy frame around the screen. its glittery too!! It had a violetchi charm with it! ITS SOOO COOL! my friend hatty will be soooooo jealous!her b-day is coming up so there is a candidate for her birthday present!
  8. I have one. its not as good as other versions but its better thsn the car anyhow.
  9. probaboly some annoying glitch. take no notice.
  10. i just looked at my v5 tama and one of the characters is standing by something that looks like a fridge, and the door of the fridge keeps opening and closing.its so wierd!
  11. When do toddlers grow into teenagers cos mine didnt change after 24 hrs.I need to know soon!!
  12. My V5 tama made a wierd noise, then i look at it and there is a speech bubble with a music note in it! Whats going on?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  13. pixelated fridge?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  14. Does the pixelchiks tv have a backlight cos i bought one and mine dosent, but i dont know whether its meant to! Please help!