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  6. Try this: 1. Reset Tamagotchi. 2. Press "B". 3. Select "Reset" from the menu. 4. Set date, time, and birthday. ~OM21
  7. You really, REALLY don't want to do that. As posted above by Binary: ~OM21
  8. For anybody going out to look for the new Music Star with the DVD, once's already appeared on eBay, so they'll be regularly available in due time. http://cgi.ebay.com/TAMAGOTCHI-Music-Star-...c#ht_612wt_1165 ~OM21
  9. I definitely don't think it immediately means we'll be getting a color Tamagotchi in the US (Plus Color, Hexagon, or iD). I think this is mostly Bandai trying to learn more about their target audience, and to see if investing in a color Tamagotchi is a good investment. Remember, the Color toys were expensive to produce in Japan, and it was only successful because it was backed up with ridiculously huge amounts of marketing, including a new store, new fashion and toy line, and a new motion picture in theaters. Imagine trying to bring the same toy to the USA, but with much less marketing, and having the additional cost of reprogramming the toy into the English language, and then having to sell the toy at a typical $15 that the other toys usually cost. The "negative profit" margin there is far too great of a risk for ANY company to go for. If Bandai really wanted to produce a color Tamagotchi here, they'd not only need to market it extremely well, but also find a way to produce it cheaper than the Japanese counterpart. ~OM21
  10. I think was TSG means is that she's disappointed that apparently, the Tamagotchi franchise in Japan is abandoning its tradition flash-drawn art style (the art style currently used elsewhere, such as on Music City) and instead opting for artwork done in the style of the upcoming Tamagotchi animated series. I don't think it's that big of a deal, anyway. Art styles evolve and change over time, and the new style looks wonderful in its own right anyway. ~OM21
  11. Here's a faster way that works with Music City. First, you need to have Firefox with the "Tamper Data" tool installed. In Music City, buy ANY instrument - it doesn't matter which. Log in with your Music Star. Here, start Tamper Data and select to send the instrument to your toy. A window will come up, asking if you want to tamper with the data. Check for a value of "i", which will be a numerical value ranging from 0 to 20. All you need to do is change the value, and you can get a new instrument. This includes the Gotchi Guitar, Dream Mic, and Mega Drums. Also, for toys, do the same procedure, but instead look for the value "t" instead of "i". Though you shouldn't really waste your time since you get toys for free in every generation anyway...unless you REALLY want to get all the toys so quickly. ~OM21
  12. Part 1: FAQs Q: What's connecting, and what does it do? A: Connecting is how two modern Tamagotchi virtal pets communicate with each other. The idea started off with the Mesutchi and Osutchi pets in 1997, which coupled together and connected specifically for love and marriage through two metal ports. Today, all Tamagotchi toys use infrared sensors to find each other, which allows them to play games and share gifts, building friendships and even love. Q: How do they connect? A: First, both Tamagotchi toys must highlight the "Connect" icon, which appears as a heart. Select the heart, followed by whatever other options it gives, and when the "Stand By" screen appears, point the two Tamagotchi toys toward each other, one infrared port facing the other. then, press "B" (the middle button) on either Tamagotchi. Q: What does connecting do? A: When two Tamagotchi's connect, they start building friendship levels. The more often they connect, the closer their friendship will be. A male and female adult pair may eventually marry and have children, starting the second generation. Q: Is there any way to choose what gender I want the babies to be, or predict what gender they'll be? A: No. Q: But I heard that... A: NO. Q: But I have a theory... A: NO. Q: My Tamagotchi's won't connect! Is there something wrong? A: Either the two Tamagotchi pets are incompatible, one of them has low battery power, or it has a certain connecting quirk (V4, V4.5 only). Q: Is there any special secrets to mating? A: Marrying an Ojitchi and Otokitchi together (all versions until V5 onward) will always result in a baby boy, who grows up to become Oyajitchi. The Tamagotchi Plus Color does this too, but also includes the possibility of a girl baby, who grows up into a special female adult, Gorippatchi. Mating one V5 or V5C/V5.5 with one from another country will result in the birth of a single baby, Iwatchi, who becomes special chatacters. The Music Star/V6 does not feature any special mating. Also, according to Bandai Japan, sending a Royal Famitama adult to live with a Famitama will result in a bonus of 1000G for the Famitama. Q: Who is Nazotchi? That thing in the red hat? Why am I seeing it? A: Nazotchi is a "placeholder" character used by Tamagotchi toys to fill in where other Tamagotchi characters do not exist. For example, if I were connecting a V3 to a V4, and one character didn't exist on the other, Nazotchi would appear on the other toy in its place. This is purely natural. Q: Is there a way I can raise a Nazotchi without debugging? A: Nazotchi cannot be raised by any natural means. It can, however be obtained as a parent on the Family pets and the Music Star. Part 2: Specific Version Connecting As some versions require certain guidelines to connect... ~Connecting a Version 2 to a Version 3 or 4/4.5~ On the connecting options for the V2, select "Version 1" On the connecting options for the V3 or V4, select "Other". ~Connecting Versions 2, 3, and 4/4.5 to the Keitai/Akai series Tamagotchi's~ On the Version 2, select "Version 1". On V3 and V4, select "Other" On the Keitai/Akai select "Tamagotchi Plus" (symbolized with a + next to Japanese text). ~Connecting Version 4 to Version 4.5~ On the V4, select "Ver. 4", and select what option you'd like to use (Game, Present, or Visit). On the V4.5, select "Ver. 4/4.5" and select what option you'd like to use (Game, Present, or Visit). ~Connection Version 4/4.5 Connecting Glitch~ For whatever reason, the V4 and V4.5 both are picky about connecting. Sometimes, when you try to connect them to any other Tamagotchi, they will just say "FAIL" instantly. This usually happens because when first starting a Tamagotchi, most users forget to press the "Reset" button after pulling the tab. To correct this glitch, reset the V4 or V4.5, download your character, set the correct date and time, and try again. ~Connecting Music Star/V6 to V5/Famitama or V5C/V5.5/Royal Famitama~ On the Music Star, select "Others" and wait on the Standby screen. DO NOT PRESS B. On the Family pet, select the first option, then "Game", and then press B. ~ Marrying Music Star/V6 to V5/Famitama or V5C/V5.5/Royal Famitama~ After building up friendship levels on both toys to their highest possible levels, start the connecting process. But for the Family pet, select "Marry" and then "Give". The adult will disappear from your Family toy, and appear on your Music Star as Nazotchi. You will receive an egg with the new baby, and Nazotchi will stay and live with your Music Star. ~Music Star/Family Pet Marriage Glitch~ Please be careful when marrying your V6 with the Family pets. The Music Star will take about twice as long to build the friendship level than the V5 (or all Family-style pets in general). The Music Star's Friendship Meter consists of 8 stages: four static faces, and then four smiling faces. Be sure to have all four smiling faces before deciding to marry the V5. If you don't do this properly, your Music Star will refuse to marry, but the V5 will accept - sending a character away and leaving you with one less character and no way of getting it back. Part 3: The Guide Click here for the graphic version of this guide! Please note: Saying a version can connect and breed with the same version is a moot point, so it's not included. Tamagotchi Connection (Version 1/V1) Can connect with: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus Can marry: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 (V2) Can connect with: V1, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 (V3) Can connect with: V1, V2, V4, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V4, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 (V4) Can connect with: V1, V2, V3, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V3, V4.5, Plus Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5 (V4.5) Can connect with: V1, V2, V3, V4, Plus, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V3, V4, Plus Tamagotchi Plus (Japanese V1) Can connect with: V1, V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Keitai, Akai Can marry: V1, V2, V3, V4. V4.5 Keitai Tamagotchi Plus Can connect with: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus, Akai, Entama, Uratama Can marry: -self only- Akai Tamagotchi Plus Can connect with: V2, V3, V4, V4.5, Plus, Keitai, Entama, Uratama Can marry: -self only- Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus (Entama) Can connect with: Keitai, Akai, Uratama Can marry: -self only- Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus (Uratama) Can connect with: Keitai, Akai, Entama Can marry: -self only- All Family Pets From All Regions Can Connect And Marry. This includes: "Family Iro Iro! Tamagotchi Plus" (Famitama) (Japan) Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 (USA and AUS) Tamagotchi Connexion Familitchi (EUR) "Royal Dream Family Tamagotchi Plus" (Royal) (Japan) Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity (USA) Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.5 (AUS) Family Pets Cannot Connect With Older Tamagotchi Pets. Tamagotchi Music Star (V6) Can connect with: Family Series Can marry: Family Series Tamagotchi Plus Color (TMGC+C) Can connect with: Hexagontchi Can marry: Hexagontchi? (unverified; if you have them and successfully married them, please reply) Hexagontchi Can connect with: TMGC+C Can marry: TMGC+C? (unverified; if you have them and successfully married them, please reply) *TM Edit SEE ALSO: Tamagotchi Friends Connecting info (posted by Mandymom) http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/191784-tamagotchi-friends-connecting-guide/
  13. The version that the original poster made says that genders are always specific when it comes to mating. But the truth is, as stated before: "There is absolutely no way to determine the gender of a newborn baby." ~OM21
  14. Because it's so wrong that the country that created, developed, and produced Tamagotchi gets to come up with new and exciting ideas? Instead of being mad at Japan, you should be mad at Bandai America, who know very well that the Plus Color and TiD would be too expensive for the Tamagotchi target audience and, coupled with costs from translating and localizing the virtual pets, would not be able to turn a profit for Bandai. On a more positive note, this is definitely one of the most interesting Tamagotchi pets to date, and I can't wait to grab one off the internet as soon as possible. ~OM21