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    I love to play guitar and sing. My fave songs to play on my guitar are: "Teardrops on my guitar" and "I'd Lie" both by: Taylor Swift! <br>I also like to paint and read!

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  1. I have a Pantech C300. you know, the one thats the size of a credit card. i wanted it so bad, that i went on the computer every day and looked it up. And to my surprize 'santa' got me one and i got so emotional and started to cry and i hugged my parents so hard! Now, i realize i don't need it! lol
  2. i personally think corbin bleu is sooooo much cuter that zac, no offense zac and zacettes. LOL
  3. well, have any of u been doing spells? PM me
  4. The red butterfly one looks so cute! im so getting it!
  5. Will they come out in Texas? I need to know plz. if anybody does know plz PM me! MUST GET 4.5!
  6. well........i don't know what to say
  7. stop answering, we all get it, she neeeds a mirror, can someone plz close this topic?
  8. no i meant is there a glitch for it to get a lot of generations real fast?
  9. yeah, by the way, whats ROM? i heard it a million times but no one will answer me!
  10. yes, i wouldn't recomend it, it's dangerous! my friend did that, she did it right, and it started getting glitches! dont try it! she had to get a new one!
  11. People, plz stop posting, the person who asked this now knows that its brushing its teeth ok, we all get it. someone plz close this topic!